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Sports. I'm Doug Brown. Veteran NFL linebacker. Sam Macho, the vice president of the NFLPA executive committee, says the league and the players still have plenty of details to figure out His training camps are about to open their obligation to provide a safe working environment for the players back there obligation if they don't do that. Wait can't play. It's a simple of that so the owners don't provide. There's there's something called a wider plan a return to work protocol systems in place that tell you what'll happen if an outbreak occurred. What steps do you take that They don't have that in place? We talked about a battle on so what will happen is its owners will provide a safe work environment players, there's not gonna be able to argue able to play Sam Macho on ESPN Radio Sunday morning. Many NFL players are tweeting today, asking the NFL to prioritize Playerssafety as camps open wide out. J. D. Spielman, who led Nebraska in receiving yards and touchdown catches last year is transferring TCU. Spielman is senior will have one year of eligibility. For TCU. He'll need a waiver from the play for them this year. Cardinals right hander Alex Reyes is back with the team this weekend after spending 16 days in quarantine. Reyes was asymptomatic but tested positive for covert 19. Solve the leaders he off in about an hour in the final round of the memorial. John Rahm is the leader at 12 under four shots ahead of Tony fee now and Ryan Palmer. If Rahm wins the tournament he could take over the world number one ranking. Coming up Monday, less than two.

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