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Cardboard box of six free puppies five black labs and a Labrador retriever children come by the black labs are adopted and taken to a home only the lab retriever puppy is left of the box and on that rainy night he escapes to the streets a year later the puppy is alluding animal control eventually he's caught taking the pound what depressing as movie well you don't have to get to the pound what happens once you get the ills everyone breaks out all it's much happier thank you not quite human I'm in a way I'm sorry my dear not quite human is a nineteen eighty seven television film directed by Stephen Hilliard started starting J. under word Alan Thicke who was and Robyn lively the story is based on the not quite human book series by sept McEvoy the first of three films in the series its sequel not quite human too and still not quite human are they filmed in Scottsdale and Phoenix Arizona was this game too hard no I love it what's up family very very well delighted to hearing from you has your Monday I you know it's it's going great I'm just sitting around in my house the series calling us from a land line wow I mean Emily few things arouse me more this radio world of by that a lady called a landslide are you like twirling the look the cord around your finger yeah you know it twirling and I'm also pacing back and forth it's the whole deal are you under quarantine is your job not open are you are you are you laying low on purpose I yeah I know we work for like a school fundraising company and though all the school there it shut down right now they were just kind of hanging out do you have a do you have a house code on right now by any chance for some reason I'm picturing you in a house coat and I don't even know if I know what house code is I don't know okay but yeah I am I am in pajamas nice maybe little teddy she said the job is done I'll have a chance for me I think she got jammy pants probably a yoga pants we just got a playful I'm not I'm not getting a sexy vibe from her I'm getting a blank in the retail sector label book VOA that's good play this game badly before we offend this virus is got my hormones are all right your first your your first gas is gonna be ants in your pants is that and got the floor sticky or is that created by Makey ants in your pants I'm gonna say that the four sticky you have yet to escape from the rant farm and soon the entire playoffs is so inundated with ads that P. we decide to perform the ants in your pants dance ironically enough the same dance used before he's arrested in the adult theater in Sarasota just thought I'd say before John did that is correct you got to take let's even get the tack and the dell my dear cloud cloud nine wow nine oh Jeez I will say that is not the core sticky I'm sorry my dear it was a twenty four that's a twenty fourteen sports drama romance television film it was set in a world of competitive snowboarding and I guess it was viewed by five million people during its original premiere while romance snowboarding movie hello are you Kenny this is can you it's up to you because if you don't get this route of write a damn questions are no pressure fun fun fun that's fun and fun is that created by Mickey or is it got the floor sticky also it got the floor sticky miss Yvonne teaches the gang how to make cheese balls and pee wee makes a mobile the fund goes on and on ice cream soup all right shoot are let's go it got the floor sticky again when he was friends come by to swim in the Playhouse pool he makes a big ball of ice cream soup for everyone the secret word on that episode was door you got the check you got the tag you can get the dough if you can tell me the whipping boy the whipping boy is that got the floor sticky or created by Maggie let's go it got the floor if they get wind wind print stores can be annoying and craving attention from his father he frequently misbehaves to the point where he's nicknamed prince brat since he is a prince no one may raise a hand against him therefore his family provides him with a whipping boy Jemmy an orphaned boy who will be punished and the princes stead so what what the prince screws up there with the whipping boy I didn't know that was really a thing yeah you know I was wonder we're whipping boy came from now I know hang tight we come back I want to I want to talk about the Tom Brady to the Buccaneers room also breaking Buccaneers news as well you see excited about that yeah I think you should be all right everybody should be that and John you're one thousand percent write about a show that is the perfect show for you to binge.

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