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Enjoy the stunning views and delicious food, the in that the tides calm. The search is on for two suspects who kidnapped and carjacked demand. Driving in San Francisco over the weekend. Police say the 63 year old victim told them he was driving along Ocean Avenue when he was approached by two armed suspects who demanded money. The men, then got into the car and drove to several locations. They eventually drove over to Oakland, where they dropped the victim off and went off with his car. The victim was not injured, and Alameda County jury has convicted a man of second degree murder in a 2018 road rage, killing Eduardo Galindo Garcia was found guilty of killing Joseph Cox by shooting through his windshield on 38th Avenue in Oakland. Prosecutors say Galindo Garcia got angry when Cox's car cut them off in traffic. Will return to court in October for sentencing. A new law in California requires the State Department of Justice to investigate all fatal police shootings of unarmed civilians, Attorney General Rob Bonta, setting up two teams in his office to conduct independent probes. These teams Will initially be staffed by 27 special agents total based in both northern and Southern California and overseen by six other supervisory agents. Body says the goal is to build trust between the public and law enforcement. He expects his office to investigate between 40 and 50 fatal police shootings each year. Let's get a look at your drive. Now. It's sponsored by Juniper Networks, and Clark takes us to the East Bay from the Chilton Auto Body Traffic Desk accident. Allah want pass westbound 5 80 before Grant line, a couple of big rigs and four cars. The two right lanes are blocked An overturned boat at the center divide. It's a jam back to 205 and then on to five back to mountain House Premodern accident, Dortmund 8 80 before South Mission Boulevard. It's a spin out in the left lane. There is slow from Dixon Landing Road Cinema County. An accident westbound 37 before 1 21 that's to the shoulder but then roadwork westbound 37 between 1 21 in Lakeville are doing grinding and paving work in alternating lanes there. Heading out of the city. Now it is slow north, down, one on one hospital curve and across the East Mount Skyway onto the lower deck of the Bay Bridge. Companies from a to zoom run on juniper networks with the ability to handle all that video traffic from your six a.m. with London to dinnertime chats with Mom, It's no wonder the fastest growing companies trust juniper from data centers to WiFi driven by a I get results at juniper dot net. Mostly sunny around the bay Today highs from about 60 at the coast. The upper eighties inland. Tomorrow comes another heat wave highs, hitting 100 inland. And.

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