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Molitor and their to George Brenton palmar those guys. We grew up with Brad you're right. There was they adjusted and you're, right? If there's a one dimensional player that posible every time you blame. Yourself right I teams for paying they pay the giancarlos just to hit home runs they don't care about the other stuff so, it's also on the teams right there's there. Was an interesting article that rich referenced on our weekday talk. Show convene on rich about how. You know the easy solution here would be for. Jason worth just to drop a bunt but that's not what he got, paid today he really is a big time, victim All of this new. You know, new game there was an article Travis much or if. It was ESPN related or, not but they interviewed Daniel Murphy among other big time hitters major league baseball and it went on to just say how, when? You're in the heart. Of a lineup you're paid to hit doubles extra. Base hits and home runs a single. In their mind means you need, to? More hits in that inning to score run and to get three. Hits in one major league baseball inning it's not easy you need extra base hit so these guys are in order to score, your chances are better if you're swinging for. The fences not laying down when you're If you lay down the third base line if you're a lefty. Let's say you successfully do it two. Out of four times, yeah you bet and, five hundred for that game you know what you're slow middle of the lineup power, hitter that's now I facing. You need to hits, to score. You right so so all that thinking works against Jayson earth and he has every reason. To be, a little. Salty about it but not really because like I said at the end of. The day he went who's nerd I dunno because he made one hundred. Fifty million dollars and he's home chilling, out well who who's the better man is a, Cam Newton or Kelvin Benjamin. This is what we're going to get into next NFL preseason action we saw a lot of the games we saw the highlights but as Cam Newton the bigger man or is he just. Looking for some. Sympathy pats on the back. Some Pat on the back I love the lake repent something we'll take your feedback next Cam Newton, right here on casino enrich Was the confrontation Cam chronic over here and, see what was really up. In Kelvin Benjamin was, not having. Any bit of play and what he's done with without Kelvin.

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