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The top so i mean it's kind of a win win turkey said the linebackers get sucked right into the middle of the play they're going to take out of there you have a wide open passing lane over the middle for cagey stole this year swimming he thinks he's a name the starter obviously you still have a couple different guys to the he has to kip as but he is the definite favorite coming into the season swimming he's healthy are going back to arizona state i mean this is the team that hasn't really been relevant in the recent years i mean they got in kiel harry big receiver there for him for them he's going to be a guy to to make hopefully moves he has somebody has thrown the ball disley so i mean but as far as it goes with talent i mean this is the guy he's only twenty years old from chillier zona i mean six four to one hundred ten pound seaver you can't go wrong with that he's gonna play in the nfl size can just get you some places if you if you can get to the ball you got good hands your size will help you be able to locate that ball high in the air high point and pull it down so definitely a guy who has been kinda got in the nfl model tag because of the size and ability to do pretty much everything that he wants to do i mean maybe check his forty time that's about it all right so looking at the rest of this obviously we mix and match of these office of lyman trae atoms from from washington here from stanford can have as kind of a this without a stanford lyman kill it mcgarry also from washington calvin throckmorton coup last name calvin throckmorton from oregon also on this list as well and looking at the defense same thing defense is don't really get the big name i mean you can actually look those linebacker for safe for stanford bobby ricky he he's he's a big hitter this guy's gonna come right up on the line of scrimmage get up in the run plays also been able to be not to cover in you know cover the you're running back or whatever in the job back in zone or the plane amanda amanda this is a guy who can pretty much everything very let it climb baecker there at stanford as well as the also gotta look at marvel tell the safety from us's ball hawking safety plays a great center field there for usa also has the ability to come up the best safeties you can think of i know there's different to museum freeze aveeno strong safety better there's also hybrid safeties like their ed reed who can go out there i mean he's obviously one of the best safeties if not the best safety ever to play i mean you could ask charles woodson but i mean every play the game and you could be okay is going to drop back into the past coverage or he's any of stuff your stuff the run and guys who can do that are going to be very good players in the future and marv l is one of those for sure all right we'll come back and after the break into some more talk i'm going to see the these come out as they go along here these preseason all all team con congress teams will do the big ten when we come back and we'll talk about that after the break too.

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