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Some time we did a show in the great Commonwealth of Kentucky. Where the skies are always bloom, according to Bill Monroe, great mandolin player crap meteorologist. Just so you know, we have an actual meteorologist on staff tonight on account of the lightning. And also, if we go off the air unexpectedly it's just because our lives are in danger. Show happy to be here at the camp of theater. Kentucky. Thirty is a musical, home of mine. So I hope you'll forgive me the show becomes something of a tour through the Kentucky bluegrass classics. But it's also. That's the sound of the sweet sound of forgiveness right there. But it's also a little home of my, my folks, moved us to Murray, Kentucky. When I was. Team years old. Move air from Idyllwild California, my impression at the time was that we moved because both sets of my grandparents had gotten divorced. And there were just too many Christmases to attend in southern California. So we came to Kentucky, where divorce is illegal. Plus, my dad got a gig Murray state university, which may now forever be known as the al-matar of Jaama rant, who will almost certainly be the second pick in this year's NBA draft. Go razors. Darla. Bye. Another time perhaps time.

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