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One of the challenges of this show is to try to get it all in. There's so much coming at us right now. Politically. The unrest. Violence in America's streets Uh, Mick Shin Ah, hurricane bearing down on the coast of Texas and Louisiana. Sometimes it feels overwhelming. But I am grateful. I am profoundly profoundly thankful that we get Teo to gather together on this show. On DH, try to sort it all out. Some of the things that are being said, some of the things that are occurring. Are absolutely inconceivable. And it's so it's so much that even the obvious stuff Is lost. You do know Hillary Clinton told Joe Biden not to concede. If and when he loses, right? You caught that. You do know that the president's chief of staff last night? Told Fox News that the governor of Wisconsin has turned down additional federal assistance in Kenosha. You caught that right? You do know that two people were killed last night in Kenosha, right? Meantime, you do know that Melania Trump gave a speech in the Rose Garden. And people like Bette Midler mocked her. Relentlessly. I think Midler's tweet was my god. She still can't speak English. That's the left tolerance. You couldn't write Ah Hollywood script. That captured The difference right now. Between the political sides. If you wanted to. Melania Trump's speech. Featured a plea for unity. Melania Trump's speech. Calling for calm for unity, offering compassion and love to Corona virus victims. And one of the superstars of the of the unhinged left. Says, My God, she can't see she still can't speak English. Two people killed in Kenosha reportedly trying to burn down yet another business and somebody shot him. I killed them. After the lieutenant governor Love of Wisconsin. Poured fuel on the proverbial fire. My shame that this was not an accident and that This wasn't just bad Police work, the lieutenant governor of Wisconsin, said. This felt like some sort of vendetta taken out on a member of our community. Again. You probably Aren't even keeping up with all of this. There's so much But it is it's true. It's there. These are facts. I'm giving you these. There's these air these air truths. And we got an answer. We have. Ah, a chance. We've got a shot. And it comes by way of an election that is about 67 or 68, or whatever it is days away. Welcome into the really factor dot com studios It is Wednesday. August. 26th in this crazy insane year. Our numbers 806 55 Mike, if you'd like to get in on the conversation Honest to goodness I I still I keep trying to pick my jaw off the floor. Over Hillary Clinton. This is the woman who got beat fair and square. You know, I hate it for you. If you're a Democrat, if you're a Hillary supporter And you don't like the way our system works. In our system works. By ensuring that Los Angeles and New York don't get to decide the outcome of the election. That's the way our system works. It's called the Electoral College. And if The shoe was on the other foot. And if Hillary Clinton benefited by losing the popular vote by three million and winning the electoral College. We wouldn't hear a peep about the electoral college sorry elections have consequences. Much the way America works. So she got beat. She washed She wasn't supposed to. Just like Joe Biden isn't supposed to She was supposed to trounce him. And she actually said this On an interview this week that is getting way way little attention. Listen to Hillary's words. You know, Joe Biden should not concede under any circumstances.

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