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I sincerely believe in this particular thing and i think you should too you know and it could be any sort of spiritual idea a solicitation based again it's a seems to teach in in that regard nuts probably very polite letter his case he's a very talented writer yeah we and we just had drank on here annual always see at least something that i see every year during dragon khan are evangelist who are proselytizing in the streets with big signs of you know talking about christianity income to jesus and all that it's a it's a thing you've probably seen yet of era little lazier this year i saw when do the just had a boom box that was playing a message on lupu needed stood there holding asahi is there all weekend you know it's it's hard work you can't sit down navias lunch break or something yeah and seemed little phoned in to me sewers the yelp for us tree quarter protests though be great so evangelism is a little bit more inyerface connotation were kc um practicing a type of proselytisation called evangelism he would maybe go the whole nine you know a linen suit a tense the travels across the sunbelt super producer casey peg rooms powerhouse of signs wonders and deliverance i i'm actually sella myself on this what do you what do you think casey okay we got a thumbs up yeah i would go to that and you're you're familiar with this and fiction and you're familiar with this with the televised version of it which called televangelist rate example would be in the show carnival there there is a whole traveling preacher scenario when they set up a tent and you know people speaking tongues in sometimes get the holy spirit in them laying hands and all of that letter that old school kind of showmanship that goes into this idea of evangelism yeah and i i also remember where my favorite creepy versions of it is the tent revival preacher in true detect yes one.

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