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Assam to go forward to the second door I don't know what day date there but waited like ten minutes before we got off the none of the passengers had any symptoms in all continued on with their trips massport saying the screenings were done out of an abundance of caution airport officials say there are no immediate plans to expand screenings to other travelers there are no direct flights into login from the region in China where the outbreak began international airports in New York Los Angeles and San Francisco are now screening travelers for the virus Chicago in Atlanta imports are expected to begin screening soon protective vests instead it issue for police officers but not for canines WBZ's Carl Stevens tells us about a Peabody high school teacher and his sister who are doing something about that all her life Kathy Seidler had a great respect for police officers and a great love for animals to when she passed away at the age of seventy six a few weeks ago her two children decided in lieu of flowers people could donate to a go fund me page they started cold Kathy's vests for canines her son Greg says his mom would love the idea let's say your mom's looking down on you right now what do you think she thinks of all this she she thrilled Schieffer of here has she throws he's probably got tears in their eyes and they're going to use the money to buy vests for area canine so far they've raised more than four thousand dollars from Peabody Carl Stevens WBZ Boston's newsradio three more online E. cigarette read Taylor's or temporarily banned from selling flavored vapes here in Massachusetts the Suffolk Superior Court judge granting the attorney general's request for a preliminary injunction to bar the three online retailers from selling their flavored products to state residents while a lawsuit to the Attorney General filed against the company's proceed through the court system the lawsuit alleges the aid violated a Massachusetts law that took effect in November banning the sale of such products in the state and failed to protect against the delivery of those products to minors I wonder what it would be like to look into the past of the very same time you observe the present well you can so to speak thanks to a Boston public library's Leventhal map and education center WBZ's Chris farmer explains if you enjoyed looking at and learning from maps grab a pen and write this down let's go the word was sentiment C. O. P. E. dot Leventhal map dot org that links you to a new Boston public library web browser where you can scan click zoom in zoom out on hundreds of years of maps of the city of Boston a little earlier in the WBZ news room we took out let's go Boston for a test drive I'll do nineteen ten wow that's incredible this is for the good of the trolleys and again online pretty cool it's also yeah so this is pretty amazing.

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