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Of water by 2030 discover mission moen at mo and dot com 9 38 Traffic and weather on the 8s bob imler in the WTO traffic center Well there's been another crash on the northbound George Washington Parkway before the key bridge are getting mine by squeezing to the right The original crashing the investigation remains at fort Marcy so that northbound George Washington Parkway traffic must exit on to spout run Parkway You can not go beyond that point on the northbound George Washington Parkway Southbound traffic does get by however but now before you get to that diversion once again the crash is northbound before the key bridge on the George Washington Parkway and squeezing by to the right In Maryland on the cabin John Parkway that is closed coming off of Clara Barton Parkway headed toward the beltway because of flooding onto the bridge under Macarthur boulevard and plenty of more range to add to that I suspect as we do have showers moving through the entire region right now there is one work zone in place though and that is on the inner loop beltway in prince George's county between X and 11 route four and X 9 at Android's two left lanes are getting by that very slowly through the paving project there and in point of rocks They're working again tonight on route 15 north of the point of rocks bridge getting my one direction at a time On two 70 no delays to report we're good to go on the Baltimore Washington Parkway on 95 on 50 out toward the bay bridge and beyond you're good to go as well Long fence is giving 20% off savings on offensive stacks and pavers financing is available for qualified buyers go to long fence dot com schedule your free estimate today Bob and WWE TLP traffic And joining me live again storm team four Steve prince valley and Steve looks like we've got some more rain on the radar You're right Michelle indeed It's off to the west of D.C. actually a couple batches.

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