Jakob Johnson, Damien Harris, Sony discussed on New England Patriots Press Pass


Is a different feel than what you were getting with Sony with Sony Michelle, even though you would think that they're kind of sort of in the same mold of running back. You know, I think what we're seeing with Damien Harris is a Next Level understanding of how to manipulate defense Defenders, especially at the second level of the defense. So his big 25-yard run. I put it up on Twitter page. He's leading. It's a fullback lead play and he's following Jakob Johnson through the Gap, right and as he's following Jakob Johnson, he's seeing the linebackers at the second level flowing to the full back right back to fullback lead Play Everybody in the stadium knows it's going right behind the full-back. So the whole defense converges behind the full-back, so he follows right behind the fullback and then at the corner of his eye he kind of sees the second level of the defense come back with him. And so then he cuts it back to the next Gap over and there's just nobody home because everybody's flowing to the outcome Johnson. So just use a little manipulations. I posted another one where they had a fullback Wham play on Thursday But the guy through you got Johnson with him and the Ravens defensive line basically stood everybody up at the line of scrimmage, but they were able to get the edge and and Damien Harris just saw that page really unfold saw the the Ravens had its doubt upfront but then realized that the edge Defender the defensive end had crept inside to try to plug up that Gap and he just bounces it right out to the corner and he have another first down run those little types of plays here and there where it's not necessarily about dancing out of a bunch of tackles and being super Elusive and being Barry Sanders out there. It's mostly about understanding where the goal of the play is to hit and how you can manipulate the defense based off of them knowing where you're going sort of thing. Yeah, and just just hit it and that's and that's why it does happen. Again. We talked about Cam Newton. This was Again part of it as whether but I mean almost like early in the year level conservative play-calling with him home..

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