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Gary. This is like the final game of the division playoffs. Gary. Stern gets locked in the equipment locker, right? Which is a callback to earlier in the film where he gets locked between the two doors and joining hotel rooms do be dead. Having fun in the physical comedy department moment of Danielson. This movies. I think it said that nightclub scene where where he, he's like, oh, I'm gonna take an we. We're gonna go, look at this. Let's go have some fun, legitimate laugh coming up here and it's these two girls and and he's just like, excuse me, ladies. Excuse me, excuse me ladies and they just go play pin. I was like, all right, this is good. He does get locked and Gary abuses cut back on, not the left and they're like, all right. We'll give you one more game, and he pitches a really good game and he tears his arm out of his sock. This is where I this day. Fucked. Okay. Gary Busey at this in other fucked. I will not believe otherwise because of her reaction. I'm with his good game. Because there's only two possibilities either. I'm absolutely correct. Or. Okay. They just told Amy more to do a bunch of reactions to general stuff. And they just cut it to whoever was on the field. She reacts. She's like he does one good pitch and she's like, yes, baby, yes, baby. Yeah, baby baby, holy fucking shit. I'll tell you what pitcher? No, no hitter in the bedroom. Oh, that's.

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