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We're, speaking Mark Tate. Family lawyer criminal defense, attorney and before the break. You said since nine eleven we were talking about the MGM lawsuit against the victims and trying to understand it and something about nine. Eleven figures into that please and let me just say Dr drew that while I would love to be, family and criminal defense lawyer my actual work is working things exactly. Like, this within the practice well and that is represented people who've been killed raped injured because of. Negligence security in civil cases and I just am not quite focused enough to do family and? Appreciate what do you call what do? You call the disciplined, specifically I'm, a trial lawyer and yeah and I appreciate I appreciate the, compliment of those complicated things but I can't With? Regard to what I was on before? Before you're gonna that, regard why, don't you give us your website and all that particular before, we move on Oh sure it's Tate law group dot com good okay so since nine eleven Yeah so after September eleventh we appropriately wanted to encourage. The use of technology in, combating terrorism got into the legislature passed an act it's called a safety act and you know the, legislatures? Excellent coming up with acts that have you know that are wonderful acronyms, right and there's just? Simply means support application of technology and terrorism safety act and what is that the only entity that, can be liable under a special new federal cause of action for mass attacks mass killings are companies that have been certified. By the department of homeland security to provide security and defence against mass attacks just this is where you lost me. Right here because this is what I have. A hard. Time getting ahead around so so. If. There's. Any mass attack anywhere The only sort of individual organization, that could be held? Accountable or liable specifically is someone that must have been previously hired to protect against such attacks right, well once actually yeah that's basically it was one little twist and that is this if the premises owner hires this homeland. Security certified corporation to provide security then the that hired that certified company cannot be held liable for any acts of. Negligence that caused or contributed to and settled And so if they had not hired that that kind of certified organization then they could be held is that correct Right exactly and so. In this case MGM resorts according. To their allegations if they had provided their own security. Then they would be liable and this. Is where potentially liable this is where the declaratory judgment action that they filed. That seems so offensive comes into play and what the safety act says is that the act that liability is sought four has got to, be an act of terrorism and. No one has declared what the murderer did? Here to be an act of terrorism right obviously was a mass shooting, why does that transfer liability, onto the victims Not no not. Not to the victims I'm sure. It does it it it would to transfer in order. For the contemporary services corporation the security. Company MGM hired in order under the act for them to be the sole. Entity liable was negligent security there has to be a declaration that act of terror and the lawyers the lawyers have very cleverly pled well, even though homeland security did not. Deem this to be an act of terror You know the statutes so loose. That, this is an act of terror and that's where I think it's so shocking Yeah they stretch the statute and ask, a federal judge to declare that the statue In survivors and family. Members of those who believe unbelievable really is crazy Mark. Have, to leave it there thank you for helping us understand this weird right now On didn't unfortunately. Again we'll let me have the chance to come on Tate. Laws at the website Tate, law, group, dotcom, very, semi, that's. Much appreciated our number's eight hundred two two, two. Five two two two we got a bunch things to get. Into, including, I'm going to talk to you about night shifts Shift work, shift. You have this syndrome from late late shifts yes Some new data on that we're gonna also going to speak at the bottom of the hour to turn me into a, psychotic person who Tim Draper. Venture capitalist regarding the Cal. Three, initiative it being. Possibly yanked off he's the data created it yeah I believe..

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