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Yeah. He's he's pretty incredible. Obviously, there's a huge connection with Erica Jane in your performance career to the gay community. One of the things that I seemed like it seemed it seemed like a parallel was kind of that. Because you don't give a fuck you are who you are you embrace it mentality. If you kind of explain to to that that symbiotic relationship, and in why you're so popular meme assuming that's a big reason or anything else too. Arts, and you know, how I came up with whoever was good got the job. Like, if you were skilled you were skilled, it doesn't matter. What color you were what you know, sexual orientation. You are you gay straight black white, whatever rich poor, whatever if you're good. You're good. You got got the role. And I have you know, gay people are my friends, my family, my mentors, my teachers, and you know, being in the arts, they kind of are the cutting edge of the creators in. That's who I grew up within and you know. The LGBTQ communities had a hard time, and they have. Drawn this incredible inner strength. And I drew from that, you know, and they propelled me in a way. And so my my relationship with LGBT community goes back to the time. I was in children's theatre. Yeah. Way back back. No, I didn't jump on the bandwagon. Because it was. These these are my these are my dearest friends family, my friends. Oh, that's a it's a neat neat relationship. In terms of you know, how how popular you are? I guess within like my. You know, my sister little rebelliousness like this is who I am missing YM, and I'm good enough. And and you know, I think that they'll be Q communities fought very hard to say, hi, we're great. You know, stop trying to fucking changes fabulous. Moving onto, you know, kinda chronologically going through your your performing career as as Erica Jane Morrison to and then getting into the housewives, which we'll get into in a minute. But probably the one of the neater parts because of my background and reading the book was was when you perform for the troops. I know for me, and for for a lot of us is that, you know, the the experience of being deployed or or just whether it's for deployed on a ship. Whether it's an an opera for operating base in the Middle East. You know, what what have is that there's there's a element of, you know, most of that job is is just riddled with chaos and stress and and the threat of real violence. You know that that persists around your your your life twenty four seven. And when when people like you come over and give give a says troops, a an escape. You know, you you. You have a recurring theme of being a scape for the LGBT community for escape artists. How's how's are fucking miserable? But for troops. The same thing is that, you know, no different than when you go to a movie, and you have two hours of just not having to worry about a fucking thing. That's what you know. When when you guys come come performance. That's what it provides to me. It was just it was really cool having sat through some performances, you know, having been deployed and seeing that as is how big of a of a deal it is for us. Because I know you guys don't have to do it. It's not like you're making Jack shit to do it. Yeah. But, but that's my point though, is that is that there's a lot of celebrities and performance at don't do that shit. I do it again. I'd do it again. It was one of the greatest few days of my life. I mean, the fourth of July on steel beach on the USS enterprise, if you can I know one hundred twenty seven years if you can count that that I rely on that performance a lot. So where on enterprise, so this is this is so this is how this happened. Tom comes to me. And and he says, hey, you're going to do this in the Middle East, and I go fuck you talking about like my husband. He's in saying what are you talking about? There's this guy. I know he does this thing and you're going to go perform, and as we'll Tom anymore information. Like, I don't know anything about this. Anyway, I end up on flight deck of enterprise still beach..

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