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And workloads across clouds through a set of tools and procedures cloud networking is an emerging approach him debt solving the security visibility and management challenges of multi cloud strategies. Va tricks made headlines on february. Twenty third twenty. Twenty one when the company secured seventy five million dollars in series defunding. Bringing the company's total raised funding to one hundred fifty one million dollars aviator occc. Steve mullany said quote. The center of gravity is now in the cloud in fact it's multiple clouds and quo aviatronics addresses the challenges of multi cloud networking by acting as a cloud native layer between virtual private clouds running in any major cloud providers networks in the nba tricks by users can configure resources within the va tricks dashboard. Without having to configure each individual cloud these innovations in the multi cloud space along with the continued enterprise. Adoption of the strategy drives massive growth in the multi cloud market segment report by analysis. Mason expects the segment to go from four point. Three billion dollars in twenty nineteen to thirty two billion dollars in twenty twenty five rapidly. Growing market segments are often the subject of news headlines and industry chatter in the multi. Cloud segment is no exception on march. First twenty twenty one ibm made. Its ibm cloud satellite available to the general public expanding its ecosystem to sixty five partners. Ibm cloud satellite specifically addresses visibility. Latency insecurity concerns like ibm dell made headlines on march eighth twenty twenty one for unveiling a new multi cloud solution with faction a multi cloud pass organization intended to improve multi cloud security. This solution works with multiple clouds and gives enterprises a centralized location to monitor critical data. The solution further allows enterprises to mir data to a cloud adjacent data center in isolate. Critical data in the event of security threat like ibm and dell amazon also made headlines however amazon. Didn't make the news about a new technology. It made the news because of a new. Ceo in the first week of february amazon announce. Jeff bezos was stepping down in andy. Jasser would be stepping up as amazon. Ceo this leadership change signals. Cloud focused future for amazon especially as bezos implied growing. Ws was critical to the company at large in the fourth quarter of twenty twenty aws generated ten percent of amazon's total revenue and accounted for almost half of the company's prophets patrick moorhead founder and principal analyst at more insights strategy said quote. Aws is the industry infrastructure as a service leader increased. Its pass offerings over. The last several years he added that he expects aws to increase its offerings. Thanks for joining us on this week's episode of seven layers special. Thanks to esi. Central studios editor ashley weezer for writing our script before you go. Let's do a brief overview of what we discussed today multi cloud models benefits and disadvantages of the models and of a multi cloud strategy in general multi cloud solutions in the news and the outlook of the multi cloud approach have been your host connor craven associates studio editor 's central subscribed to seven layers..

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