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Today so You know having that ability to kind. Of, continuously be aggressive and know, that We're going to get on the board That's good Great, courtesy, of yes Yankees can, sweep the oh Sunday. Night baseball seven twenty five pre game on the fan Luis Severino Dylan Bundy. Red Sox five one loser to the race of the seven back of Boston in the American League east, Zack Wheeler seven. Scoreless stranded a bunch. Of writers Mets beat. The nationals three zip also chance to bring up the brooms on this Sunday while command wasn't the. Best today so I said they'd get away with it and make my. Pitches Aren't really. Needed, the help of members REO Todd Frazier they win, yard Stephen Matt's goes into finale this afternoon from Citi field athletics over the twin six, to to the Astros secure the angels to three Mariners four three over the D-Backs intend the royals proud, to, be, Indian, Civetta one cubs though issue, with the reds ten six pirates same deal. At the brewers nine, to one Rockies one over the cards Marlins. Edged the Braves three to one Phillies missed out an, opportunity they gave a lead lost, to the Blue Jays eight six dodgers over, the, Padres five four and twelve giants beat the Rangers five. Three two white socks over the Tigers six to one Bryson Dacian bow your. Leader at the Northern Trust by four strokes going around four he's minus sixteen giants titan Evan Ingraham's and concussion protocol Jaguars wide receiver marquess league carted off the field within, the, parents serious knee injury after falcons defensive. Back to Monday Casey Laura's helmets make a. Tackle last night Casey was penalized with purports. Every twenty minutes this is Dave Uram WFAN twenty twenty sports listen to Yankees baseball to night..

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