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Well, if Bradley Beal makes all in the a which it's a real rate. You know, I don't know how the voting is gonna go. You know, he's on a team that's out of the playoffs. But they've had major injuries. And they traded away. One of their best players the deadline porter and Bradley Beal's than one of the best players in the league for the last two and a half months. If he makes all the a Bradley Beal is eligible for four year two hundred million dollar extension and the wizards I believe will offer it. And so again, you know, we have to wait and see. But if that happens, you can take him off the board to now that that's what's lesser gaming Lillard as a shoo in for all India, Bradley Beal is not necessarily, but he could be off the board as well. You know, you could ask the question. Do the wizards really wanna pay Grassley Beal an John wall four hundred fifty million dollars. What their commitment would be that those players, you know, that's a different scenario. But I don't think that's a guarantee there. I'm gonna tell you. I'm not so sure that the Laker should be thinking stars. If I'm the Lakers. I. I might be thinking about how I can use my salary cap space to get pieces that fit around LeBron they need shooting shooting shooting. They need to. Just because they get you know, if they if they train offended traded for Bradley. He doesn't get all the doesn't extended. They make some sort of deal for Bradley deal. That's a nice team. They're going to be a playoff team. They're going to be fun to watch every night. But that's not a championship contender this team. This team, you know, the coaches situation because spend the next five days talking about what coach might take the job this week, Walt. This fires. I don't care if you bring Red Auerbach John wooden back from the of the debt you give them the roster. They got right now. The team has no chance. The most important thing is fixing the roster to this to this team. Brian thirty seconds. Do you think that the Lakers will do what you just suggested? And do that one eighty and talk about flushing out the roster with those players that you described or do they go big game hunting and try to do it. Like they did this year. The one thing that I can say about the Lakers. Magic Johnson is that he believes Lakers exceptionalism when he was questioned about the way this roster is put together a few months ago. He said. I'm Magic Johnson. You are Magic Johnson. You're one of the most impressive human beings ever been involved at Los Angeles. I absolutely believe that that gets you nothing that gets you nothing when it comes to building a basketball team. The first thing that they have to do is be humbled..

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