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Mixed reactions, Emily angle with a group. A for says she's happy. It includes millions of dollars for public schools and fulfills. The promise keep giving teachers pay raises dollars really focused on areas that are student success, but Glendale, kindergarten teacher. Kelly Fischer says there should have been even. In more funding for education. More fireworks, more often in Arizona, you can fire them up between may fourth and sixth for the single Demayo and on the fall nights surrounding Divulje, the Hindu festival of lights Hughes. Lewis, single pop adult snappers now legal in counties, with at least five hundred thousand people, but the new law prohibits all fireworks, anywhere where there are stage one fire restrictions. And also within a one mile radius of preserves parks and conservation areas. Think twice before you charge your phone in public place. Ken Colbourne with data. Doctors calls it juice. Jacking hackers targeting charging stations to steal your data about when you plug your phone into a computer a lot of times, you're given the option to access the information on the computer, and that's where they get your information stored within your phone or laptop. But how can you protect yourself in general, you can set your phone up? So, basically have to acknowledge when something's try to connect the obviously, bringing your own battery charger is going to be the most secure option. If you do. Do find yourself having to use public USB ports. There are devices, you can put him line that basically blocks the two way transmissions that. Ner- KTAR news. KTAR is on the economy gas prices. Finally starting to come down at least in most parts of the country. But ABC's Alec stone says the latest energy department numbers show rising prices in one popular summer hotspot, the cheapest gas right now is along the Gulf Coast at two forty seven gallon. The most expensive is in California, where regular unleaded at three eighty eight a gallon on average down from four bucks. A few weeks ago. Most of the country is paying less today than a year ago at this time, except California, where regular unleaded twenty four cents higher per gallon than it was a year ago, according to AAA rezone valley. Motorists are paying an average of three seventeen this week that's down about two cents from a week ago. KTAR news time six thirty six. Fix Jimmy now from the valley Chevy dealers traffic.

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