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It was closed for nearly four hours while highway patrol officers cleared the scene. Hundreds of protesters gathered outside an event in Woodland Hills. Where a congresswoman was speaking to a Muslim American civil rights group. Minnesota democratic congresswoman Ilhan Omar appeared at a fundraiser for the council on American Islamic relations yesterday, she has been criticized by Republicans and Democrats for comments that have been deemed antisemitic. Protester Richard Lee says Omar represents the worst of America. Is unamerican. Coming from her mouth despicable demonstrators lined a sidewalk area outside the Hilton hotel where Omar was appearing waving is really flags New York. Democratic Representative Jerrold Nadler says it's too early to say if President Trump obstructed Justice in relation to special counsel, Robert Mueller's reports says he will accept attorney general William bars main conclusion from the report, but also wants to see all the underlying data. We'll try to negotiate try everything else first. But if we have to yes, we will certainly issue subpoenas to get that information. He said he would take it to the supreme court. If the full report is not released to congress, New York. Democratic congressman Hakeem Jeffries says attorney general William bar and special counsel. Robert Muller could be called upon to testify in front of congress. Got certainly is a possibility, but let's take the first step in terms of the full disclosure of the report and the underlying documentation, the attorney general received Muller's final. Port on Friday, and is going over the documents preparing to release the main findings which could come as early as today the stranded Norway cruise ship is back in port today. After losing power in the Norwegian sea, the Viking sky was carrying more than thirteen hundred passengers and crew members. When it started having engine trouble yesterday, and a mayday call was issued for the ship was towed into port. The company said four hundred seventy nine passengers had been evacuated by helicopters the rescues took place under difficult conditions that included wind gusts over forty miles an hour and waves of more than twenty six feet. Authorities say more than a dozen people were hospitalized with injuries..

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