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The lab at he's. This is just the morning fucking up because not only where we running -ly, then our stream couldn't get up just drama. Seychas not going our way. There's so much traffic in New York. If you live here, you know, sorry for the delay, but you know, it's Friday, we're running on Friday tie running on Friday time. I really like I was practicing each online. I got in my head, and then I stopped for two minutes, and then we start. Is them different to literally. If I get different from the job. It's, it's all to the tune of, we've got the funk, snitch. John lab. I get sorry. I, but then wanna see chess it. It's hard. It's hard. This is hard for her. And yet she graduated from in my union guys, not yet fingers, crowding, or scrawl after they drag them on my story totally. How did your Tesco yesterday? The first one was garbage and so hard in the second one was fine. But, like, whatever as long as pass, it's all the matters, I'm getting call from Morocco should I pick east get degrees? My friend, totally. I know I studied to get Assi. Some people study to get, as I said, he'd get sees. He's degrees boobs. Any of these, we have a fun show for you today, because obviously, you know, we're going to deliver the pacified stories, but also, we have Mitchell, ten penny coming on a rising rising country music star. I'm a huge fan of his work snitch is going to see him in concert tonight. Opening up for Old Dominion, Madison Square Garden. And it's just good to get some country vibes up in here. I need some controve. I haven't had a country vibes in longtime kind of sound like a country. Vibrate. Now have a good voice. You're like my sticky shoes or, like, in pitch perfect.

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