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Com donnas with sean how are you outstanding yourself better than i deserve what's up bear with me a little nervous but so year ago the military who my wife and i from vermont the house that we own with a mortgage on it florida and kind of made us landlords by default since since being down here we were introduced to you got on the plan march fifteenth of last year we started baby step two paid off ninety seven thousand dollars worth of debt and that time and we're getting ready to lead our second a few coming up here later this month but i guess our question is with the caveat that we know we're headed back to vermont in two years it's actually part of my contract i have required to go back there just wondering should we should we sell the house we have fifty four thousand dollars left the payoff were intimidating if we don't sell the house will be done around october of this year we wanna know do you think we should get rid of the house and be done with it that much sooner or knowing that we're headed back should we hang onto it so you've got to rent it out yes sir in the current lease expires july thirty first win is it is it what's it rented for how much it's great for sixteen hundred and our mortgage is a twenty year mortgage pace seventeen twenty five so we're already kind of eating some of it every mark you're feeding it right now okay yeah and your household income is what including the rental income it's roughly one forty okay right and you will be debt free if you keep the house not counting mortgages win around october ten of course that's the house doesn't spring any surprises what it hasn't so far but of this year yes sir.

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