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Alex Jones, John Lee, Chile discussed on Alex Jones Infowars


Kgb abc news uh gene nick saum near author john media government cover us you want to stop tyranny wills so does the laws of nature goddamn beats alex jones nine john lee is this we need so i via text me and call me yesterday and said we'll you disavow judge one more day well do they ask will you disavow david dogged his views i'd say yes 'cause we know david dukes views and i can say i disagree with the uh but at the subtitle one not been convicted the the the the the proof is thirty plus years old there is no proof it could be true i mean somebody can say that i'm an agent of chile and not have any evidence baghdad jones he's an agent of brazil or on asian of mexico or an agent of canada it's just an accusation this was it brought out earlier and as an nego this whole lines qiantang is going to build and build until the end the democrats say gene joe nicky butt republicans in it to us too and that will give them the pavao wave to accused whoever they want including the president turns out one of the main accusers is up on uh uh uh roy accuser work for democrat leaders has actively campaigning for moore's opponent here it is she worked for the dnc refunded those are her was hillary clinton and she actually worked for doug jones in the campaign there she has with joe biden show judge roy moore has said it is completely false totally an absolute thickness shall i don't know judge roy moore he does look like a pervert and look like these guide seem to look the same but whatever i mean i think it's creepy even 32 bureau fourteen year olds in its it's underage i think go start split about faltered tori under about thirteen.

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