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Look at the fucking hair mental seen a motley crue. Still standing. I'm not not such such a big fan of them but all the Audubon I mean. They were second. Concept can be the first I. Suppose you know about. Original Best Kelloggs cornflakes yes. Thank God for the off brand. Of A couple of like general questions left for you if that's all right and I, let the rest of your day and. What not But I wanna I WANNA know. Your Three most important albums face the ones the by initial album that got you into. Say Heavy to music generally. Because like could you list three that we're really pivotal for you? Yeah like I mentioned earlier was kissed destroy. Listening. Before that schedule listening to two purple and sweet which are relying. Nazareth and in those who All the guys were listening to in my area stuff, but I didn't really get hooked. Dot, Mush until. Such A. Not Four horror comics and that whole thing and the transition into kiss. So natural while here, you have not just a drawings and stuff in comic books, but also have cooled rock music especially that production Bob Estrin because it's so cinematic, it's like listening to A. Cool dark action movie. Yeah and just fantasizing what's going on with all the children cry and then cars crashing and all that. Wow, it's so imaginative war imaginary and whenever you say yeah. That that is like the what really got me into music and that's reasonable. I became a musician earphone. Instead of being painter like older teaching all you must promise us to be a Ella Street or a cartoon pain and whatever. But when discovered, kiss the figure out a way to do it all. Yeah definitely are you a member of the kiss army? No I'm. Not. After data should say. What was I think I write about that what Mine were to me wasn't eight is what to what his supposed to be in the seventy s when I discovered them and they. Especially into glory ride hailing England that they put out like native three or something integral ride is probably like my Black Bible because it's so against the grain and. I think I've been complaining about to do. The trendy thing and what everything got sort of commercialized. A. India this that is probably why mineable became so Super important me because they have this kind of model of destined false metal. Yeah. Begin with I thought that was just a ridiculous thing that sounded funny to say. But after a while, I realized that they weren't adapting chasing Aso trying to please people no. Later than than, they did it became a parody of themselves but yet. Back there and they were true to the ball and I think and and they created get great music that was to be A. Like nothing I ever heard you know so. They were offering a trend I mean like it or something I mean. What can I say I mean it was really really important that. Was Dark and cool and. Is the best singer ever I think in. Co.. Apart from that I don't know what else. You're right he probably. Yup. Malik. Look at my wall here. I sold my whole. Collection but I have framed like twelve albums or something. A. Judas priest side of destiny is a big thing. I don't know really I mean there are many of them but. Also have rainbow rising next to she's destroyer same year seem painter. Kim Kelly I mean there are. It's like masterpiece of splice..

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