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A little bit of rain to fall Saturday and Sunday And the common Weather Center meteorologist Kristen Clarke, the farther east to get toward the foothills. We see warmer temperatures 84 in Bellevue, Seattle, 82 to come with 79 downtown Everett. Now 79. You're in the middle of 20 Minutes of nonstop news on coma at 306. The Coast Guard has called off its search for a 14 year old boy missing it. See the team disappeared yesterday and waters near Long Beach, touching off a search effort that was suspended last night. We're told searchers come through 52 Square nautical miles without turning up any sign of the missing boy. The body Lake City Council has taken a stance against what members call vaccine Segregation Council members passing a resolution to ban vaccine passports in the town of Bonney Lake, treating those who choose not to get the vaccine as second class citizens is not okay. According to members of the Body Lake City Council, who last week passed a resolution toe let citizens and Governor Jay Inslee know that they will not promote vaccine segregation. Council members read comments submitted by the public and support of the resolution, including one from this business owner and mom. Said she's homeschooling her son because he can't wear a mask and the vaccines become required. We will not only pulled him out of school as well, but we will be moving out of this state. I will not allow myself or my Children to be injected with an experimental vaccine for something with the survival rate around 99% of the governor's offices said they're providing guidance for businesses, but vaccine proof Not be a mandate. Carleen Johnson come on. News Republicans are planning more aggressive effort to retake the eighth District seat in Congress next year. Details from comas Greg Herschel in 2018. Dr. Kim Schreier was the first Democrat to win the seat that represents a vast swath from Bellevue, Toe Auburn and Kent and across the Cascades to kid it essential. And county's Republican Matt Larkin, who lost the race for attorney general last year, is running against Schreier by emphasizing the homeless crisis in Seattle. Even Schreier does not represent Seattle. Jesse Jensen, who attracted 48% of the vote against Schreier last year, tells the Seattle Times He's also considering another run against her next year. Greg Hirsch Old Co. Moh news to Oregon brothers charged with participating in the January 6th. The U. S Capitol attack have now been released from custody, but it's Kumble's Corwin take reports. Their troubles are far from over. Brothers Matthew Client and Jonathan Peter Klein ages 24 21 had been in federal custody following their arrests. March 23rd Decline Brothers are linked to the militant proud boys. Portland State University professor Alexander Ross tells KGW News. The brothers match the profile of today's violent right wing extremists. His brother's actually have violent. Portland and Salem Images from January, 6th allegedly show the brothers breaching the wall at the U. S Capitol and helping others over it Now, the Tri City Herald reports a judge is allowing their release to a third party custodian. They may not leave Oregon and must continue to attend court hearings. They await trial on federal charges, including conspiracy, destruction of government property and disorderly conduct. Corwin Hague Co. Moh news Beginning today, Amtrak trains will perform test runs on the point defiance bypass scene of a 2017 fatal derailment. The line is now equipped with positive train control, designed to automatically prevent.

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