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It's been a winter of a lot of crud going around as as meredith knows given the number of employees who are have have sick kids home with them so anything we can do to fight that is just awesome so yeah pierrot sarah how about you yes well since we opened this with my first day back at work i will give him love and hate to my spectra as to breast pump people have asked me you know which one by us do i like it they're all terrible compared to ab but this is the best one that i've used i've use the like industrial rent rented symphony and i've used a pump in style in this one is a little quieter and seems to suck a little better so yeah love hate to mice spectra s too awesome but you meredith can i do too yeah all right so so the number one thing that i thought as soon as you said that was i talked about backdated do yoga the only reason that mabel to do that three times a week is because i do it at home and so i have to give my love to the youtube channel yoga with adria she is so awesome she's absolutely introduced me to yoga at helped me to develop a home practice in wave it's been really beneficial to me so i have to give a shoutout to yoga with a drain and then i read a book recently that i loved so much i just have to share and it's called the castle of water in its dane huckle bridge believes the author's name but it's a stranded on a deserted island like literally there's a plane crash in these two people survived in their stranded literally on a deserted island for next period of time in savannah women and i won't say anything more about that but it is just.

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