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Craze. We'd like to see peace. You can find that on the ESPN app. And you showed me if you like them first up, this is a three team trade proposal. Trevor REEs, go to the Lakers. We know they've been looking for him Cantate, call pope boosted the Sixers and Marquel? Full would go to the sons me, what do you think of this deal? Kind of some sort of reported legs. Obviously a reason to Lakers gives them shooting. Don't necessarily have right now. More consistent you nation. Say contagious caldwell-pope. If you're looking for death, particularly on the wing guy, who's not playing versus a guy who would play the right way. And if you're the sun's you're taking a flyer on full. I don't know if that's the right scenario for him to get his life together. But the good thing. Well, I mean. His. His this is his life is his life. But the good news is one of the best medical staff in the nation. You're not sitting at your no one. No one's card rates. Intrigues me. Well, you got they get. No, are you giving if you're one of those teams I like what the Lakers have done. Yeah. I think getting treble resort instantly make you contender especially when you talk about a player this so impact for on the defensive end. I think this is huge as far as hopefuls. I think this is area really for this. This guy is trying to find the home in the NBA. I think has been a very difficult first couple years form in he needs to get healthy. But also his basketball has to get better. But also for fairly. I think it's great pickup on give them a guy that can space a foreign pension shots. I mean, it certainly the right age bracket for the sun's right to be bringing him in in terms of everyone growing together. Basically what the song is getting out of this deal. He's more you wouldn't think. I just got to. From now on our next proposed trade the nuggets get Kemba Walker and Billy Herman Gomez. We'll put Billy there come on KOMO Murray and Mason Plumlee rate for and then the nuggets. No, I I see this is why I don't like who says no because more often than not like the first one was had some reported legs to it. You know, there's a three team trade. We know. The Lakers are interested in sons, just fine. I'm absolutely no fun. When it comes to who says, no, I think because we get things like this doesn't make any sense, you can say, no. Which would you say no on be happened on body? Right. I wouldn't say no to this. We go. Uh-huh. I think for Denver Kimball walkie is a good pickup one right now. They're very very difficult team to defend night in and night out. He's one of the most difficult players a lot. Lot of James harden to guard guys not able to stay in front of this guy. I think bringing him to the west coast is is going to open up a different side of his game over wide open game. And I think fits his style of play a lot better. You got Yokich is a guy who office foes through so Kimball wouldn't have to play more off ball. They already got the good earn ongoing says, I don't know why they'd want the one who wasn't so good. Right. And then most importantly, by the way, you guys want a small scoring gardens explosive. Isaiah Thomas magazine, he's on the comeback trail. He's coming down the play. Eighty cents for Denver hillside. So there you go. I feel like I'm on. You're saying no on behalf of the nuggets. See I wouldn't do that. No one behalf. I would say no on behalf of the Hornets. Sure. Because I don't think your guy Michael Jordan wants to trade Kemba Walker. I think he would have done that last season when he could have gotten a little more for him. But we'll see we'll see what happens coming up joking. Noah's says he didn't play well with the Knicks. Because quote, he was too late that expert I here's distant replay from bisbee. Chaz my guy from Maryland. Let's go. Houston, right. Yes. Cassini? It was. Bruce..

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