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Dream late goal for Gareth Bale on his return the crazy refereeing decision that. So bryce goals stand where do you WANNA start? You normally can doctors orchestra you tell me Oh well, let's let's start with a nice big showy Gareth Bale getting ahead of Spurs. Deserving. The wind is that fair. Well. I don't deserve one because they were outplayed again by bright enough. Thank Brayton are feeling a bit sore. Themselves have played played some teams that are not getting the points and once again that's dead they the more fluent say but that's not a surprise that's not a surprise. That's the way marina's Tottenham is going to be. Less than he'll only say. I don't care if they passed better second in the table I made the right decisions you know a took. Lamelo of her just had the poorest brought bill on two former real. Madrid Plaza Radio on and Build Lincoln Open. For Bail. It's expecting us. And Protecting them until is really and he's not going to pick up any injuries and then. Say but but you know from perspective, it's. Second Table, but you know it's not it's not. It's not thoroughly pleasing on the I. Who said it was ever going to be with Marino has been somewhat successful up to know very similar to this show. Really Frank. Let's talk about the goal then sued for Brighton should have stood. Well, it should have been. Talking about the Brighton. I think we should have been disallowed because I. Think it's the Tyco on all bird just before and I don't know how the wrath couldn't get freaky to to Tottenham. was saying that. Yes, of course of course no, no, no everybody would have agreed. You know you've been in.

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