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Harry Carey and Joe garage you'll at the microphone off the bag most there is a strong and the push the mail soon in the light the ball of the moment though but I is the standard you talk about a the next year nineteen sixty three in Saint Louis Museo on the doorstep of breaking Babe Ruth's extra base hits record facing Bob Miller of the Dodgers Jack Buck with the call in KMOX batters Museo stamp lied to left his first time you still in one home runs and RBIs batting for the second time and the cardinals still look for their first day Bob Miller goes into the wind up any pictures to me to see a inside in a bid up stairs ball on number is six one weighs a hundred eighty last year he won one and lost well that's a that's this year the first the first no one he really when it comes all over the N. B. O. you know precisely where that ball was going either on the rope in right center of the city Stan Musial setting a new record for extra base the record which was previously held by the room the second and it sets a new all time major league.

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