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To work vernon in manhattan vernon you're on the phone great tony are you doing our murray how are you i'm doing i'm is shared to hear about the situation with uh uh howery initially repairs who question um hill cement who about think about two of them players german monks who who died in the airplane crash um matter of fact lanka was carefully removed from yankee stadium and put it into the new stadium issuing a glass case that was in a locker it's still there today's young people get cooler they'll see there um the other ones roberto clemente um he also down the plane crash also which really now horn a holiday um oh he retired uh monroe them when he parents to a new uh my grandmother we were um uh who who few on his pension and we three huge check uh from whom he worked for the mta he passed away me for my grandmother passed away and here's my question tony way hang up listen to you answer regarding holiday when a player retires and sungkeun from early upon that players depending on the contrary con sign no the parents can continue to be passed on to the wife all the children coalition which here who say but sad day for me have a nice day tony i'm i would just say if the pension would go to the family you gotta you make a beneficiary in you start making out wills and stuff like that insurance yeah is that story is for you noticed story i just everyone thinks of monthan but i i was remembered hockey perry limburg the goalie for the flyers he died at 85 lost control of this portion and i remember seeing a picture when he crashed into.

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