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Just acting big, and you'll be right not. So that's a really good Atlanta just very confident. Speaking of indignant, Wendy Williams, and our estranged husband, Kevin, hunters your they don't agree on much. According to Hollywood, life dot com, but she is taking a bullet train crazy. Yes. Like I feel like she was taking a donkey to crazy town for like the last twenty years. She was taken one of those rafts. You push. A Steph, Mississippi Huck Finn. Be river. Yeah. And now she's on a boom. Afridis. Yes. What happened the last twenty minutes? Well, so this one, actually, I think it was more about defending her honor, but she's still involved. So Kevin hunter senior, and she are United on wanting the best for their son. So they wanna see his assault case dropped because on. Yeah, rich man, poor man punching your dad. Absolutely. That is. Hillbilly and that is Tommy. Like dude, and not a middle not middle class. No, not at all your hands on your biological dad as an adult that is really super rich shit for just it's on cops you every week sling. Yeah, or you're doing in stately manner. So. Yeah. Kevin hunter junior pleaded not guilty to the salt charge when he and his dad scrapped a little bit after Kevin junior entered his, not guilty plea in the case stemming from the alleged altercation with his forty six year old dad and may the teens attorney told him Z that he expects the case to be fully resolved. The attorney said, Kevin senior is an interested in bringing charges against his son. If here's Wendy feels the same way you can't see your father, you can't read about your father messing around with other men on top of other women. Having a thing about one of the one of the things he brought up and signed to the label him and Wendy started the kid's name. It's out there. He was heeded a radio show and talked about Kevin having sex with them. And so this is option B. He's this that and there's a father how to baby with another woman who lives three miles away. No. As. Yes in you now. A son's going to get pissed off his moms moms fainting on TV. She looks like hell. She's in a sober house. The poor kid. Yeah. It's not easy. Yeah. Someone's going to get hit Kevin senior couldn't have worse, optics on the last key, charged his son with assault. Hey. Hey just take the hit. Yeah. Well, there's a terrible transition. Speaking take in the head, but walked into my son's room last night. He was laying in bed watching bohemian rhapsody. And it was like super gay, as Freddie. Mercury. Land. Time. That's hard. Yeah. So he's going. Hey sorry. Well, we didn't talk about this before. But since there's an update I'll give it a family of a two year old girl who was hit by that foul ball last month at a Houston Astros. Finally speaking out about updates on her condition. We won't show that part, but the frightening incident occurred on may twenty ninth game against the cubs when outfielder Albert Amora hit a line drive struck. Right. In the head. The game was stuff for several minutes. She was rushed to the hospital. Mora was solo was devastated. So here's a quick clip of him m mid game right after the game. I mean he fell apart. In the next inning. I'll more was spotted being comforted by security guard after checking in on the young girl on the over..

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