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Five than they have at least one after that actress from twin peaks on the show and that's clearly an inspiration i love what they had in actual actual a reference to ileife did i liked it misses the tangent but i liked that they're hiring so many soap opera people for these things it shor liquor merkin swallows was on all my children my motherinlaw watch all my children for like decades and he was he was a matteo on that he his hurt his wife is kelly ripa who was um who was the heck name haley i think gore one of one of seasonally she's characters daughter and that's you know that that's where they made their their mark but like john wesley ship has a long history of soap opera snuff in like that and guiding light young yeah and and sit with that's where the those are my grandmother stories and dumb the show these shows do lend themselves really like especially like riverdale and then the remake of dynasty which i heard his awful but riverdale loans since of really while the soap opera staten and it's so much fun that way you know so but yeah it's just that idea that that you know give us some breathing room a whole and um ito th there was it's almost like the instant gratification culture is really really starting to take its toll on us older people yes second would put at lake that's a good way to put at the lake.

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