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The eagles michael bennett and of course they bring in hallo de nada can these guys still make an impact at this point in their careers michael bennett can because he's so versatile hello dolly nada he's he's you know he's gonna come in and he's just gonna fill space i mean he's three hundred sixty pounds he's gonna fill space these guys can be contributors definitely because they don't have to carry the defense on their bags i had to move onto the new york giants now he compliments odell beckham sterling shepard evan ingram hopefully this all season he's caught five hundred thousand passes a day to work on his hands they have a rebuilt offense align went out and stole wanted to patriots left acquis as soda i think this is a team that really is gonna make the biggest jump i think this is a team you say it want three games i think this is a team that can definitely win ten games i think this offense is going to be a lot more dynamic allies going to have a lot more confidence because it doesn't always have to be alive manny i think the saquon barkley kid i'm telling you this this guy's a stud and i'm looking for big things for him not just in the passing game because he's a guy that can split out motion out catch the ball out of backfield and think about him two hundred thirty five thousand open space that has bad intentions i i think this giant team is definitely right there on the heels of the philadelphia eagles the rams the very good linebacker so the impact of bringing in ogle tree and the impact of losing jp.

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