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NPR news. I'm Jack Spear, Lead House Impeachment manager, Democrat Jamie Raskin grew emotional as he concluded the first round of arguments and former President Donald Trump's second impeachment trial. He reflected on the damage done when a mob stormed the U. S. Capitol. Have sort of a heart attack. Officer lost three fingers that day. Two officers have taken their own lives. Senators. This cannot Be our future. Trump's defense lawyer, Bruce Castor, meanwhile, condemned the loss of life that day, but defended the rights of free political speech. I don't believe that the former president expects anybody. Walked back any of the language. If that's how they feel about the way things transpired over the last couple of years in this country, they should be allowed to say that and I will go to court and defend them if anything happens to them. As a result, the Senate voted the trial is constitutional testimony will continue this week. At NPR analysis of the more than 200 Capital Ride cases the Justice Department has brought thus far has turned up current and former military officers, extremists and hard core Trump supporters. One thing they had in common. They were all men. Dina Temple Raston of NPR's investigations team has more While the group is large is the one that storm the capital defies generalization and NPR analysis of the records collected on the more than 200 people charged so far has found some common threats. For example, more than 86% of the people who were charged. Are men, almost 15% or either current or former military and about 17% haven't avowed connection to an extremist group. Michael Kimmel wrote a book about what drives angry white men to violence. They grew up believing that if they worked hard paid their taxes were good guys that they would be able to live the lives that their grandfathers lived. Kimmel says that when that doesn't happen, a kind of aggrieved entitlement takes hold and that can lead to violence. Dina TEMPLE Reston. NPR News President Joe Biden's choice to head the Office of Management and Budget says while the U. S needs to keep a close eye on inflationary pressures, the Federal Reserve has the tools to deal with inflation and interest rates. You're a Tandon. President binds choice to be budget director asked by lawmakers about concerns proposed $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief measure might touch off inflation and then saying the aid package is vital, providing help for families suffering as a result of the pandemic. U. S employers reined in their hiring in December, especially industries hard hit by the Corona virus pandemic like restaurants and hotels. Labor Department reporting today its monthly job openings and labor turnover survey otherwise known his jolts. Showed the number of jobs rose, but just slightly mixed close on Wall Street. The Dow was down nine points. The NASDAQ closed up 20 points today. You're listening to NPR. And on a Tuesday, February 9th is his KCRW. I'm Larry Perella. Very good afternoon to you. Here's the tapping at 704 Has Donald Trump Second impeachment trial moves ahead in the U. S. Senate, A large majority of Californians would like to see the former president, convicted and barred from ever holding public office again. But a new poll shows the California Republicans are largely sticking with Trump despite the deadly right at the U. S. Capitol more now from KCRW's Gerald Saxman, fewer than 20% of California Republicans say the former president is to blame for the insurrection at the Capitol. And this new poll from the UC Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies says two thirds of state Republicans would support Trump if he decided to run for another term. But California, where Democrats far outnumber Republicans is generally sour on Trump Two thirds of state voters see Trump has a major factor in last month's violence. In Washington, D C. Voters also cited social media, political polarization and disinformation about the presidential election as factors in the insurrection. More than 90% of state. Democrats say Trump should be convicted in the Senate and disqualified from holding public office and this KCRW's Gerald SATs been reporting. If you want students back in class, stay home this holiday weekend. That's what public health officials are saying that the upcoming Lunar New Year Valentine's Day in President's Day celebrations could set the county back in the fight against covert 19. County public health director Barbara Ferrer said today We are just weeks away from reducing transmission to a level where elementary schools will be able to offer in class instruction comes as Ellie's winter viral surge claims the lives of another 227 Angelenos today and his case numbers and hospitalizations have dipped below 4000. Parents and coaches are ramping up pressure on California leaders to loosen restrictions on youth sports, Citing concerns over physical and mental health. Some parents also worry they're teenagers could be losing out on scholarship opportunities. Team sports have been suspended since the onset of the pandemic and at least one unsanctioned basketball tournament near Sacramento late last year led to more than 90 confirmed coronavirus cases. Governor Newsome says it's something his office has been reevaluating. We've been negotiating the details of that. Real progress is being made. But the governor says youth sports is part of a larger conversation on reopening schools. He plans to release a deal with state lawmakers on schools later this week. Former California Democratic governor Gray Davis, who was recalled in 2003 and replaced by Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger says Don't compare what happened to him with the current effort to oust Governor Newsome. It is totally different, too quick reasons. First of all, President Bush was not for me. President Biden is totally behind Gavin and was instrumental in getting us to Super sites Open Oakland and Cal State Elaine. I assume there's more to come He's referring to the mass covert 19 vaccination sites announced last week. Davis says the recall effort is also different in that the number of California voters identifying as Republican have dropped to just 26% today. And Capt. Radios. Politics reporter Nicole Nixon says Newsome is still popular among Democratic voters..

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