Andrew Cuomo, Harvey Weinstein, Yesterday discussed on The News & Why It Matters


I don't think so. We got this picky now where that is a bad thing. Yeah i wish out was it. Just that also touching the leg on the live. I should say what i read. Yesterday there was one that i gave him a pass on which was sending flowers on valentine's day to multiple female aid workers. I was like ok. I was just a case on that was all of his direct underlings. That were women got flowers and one person outside of the direct underlings which was her got flowers on another floor. The only woman on the floor got them so if the car and said like hey baby do you wanna know. The email said that the emails didn't they say he listed One of his former girlfriends and said that she looked like his former girlfriend extended prettier sister and and he told again through multiple layers of management. This is not cuomo saying directly to her. she's saying to lindsay boylans supervisor. Who then communicating. Hey you look like my hot girlfriend's Sister and also You know that. I i have a crush on you so again. Like none of this was. We should be clear number one. Even though andrew cuomo is among the worst people on the planet he's still innocent until proven guilty and number two. None of this was harvey weinstein level. Stuff i mean it was. It was bad and In really creepy but it was not and as much as a legitimately can't stand legitimately he's responsible for thousands of people being dead that being said he still deserves all the protections that That everybody else. And i ain't process. I still believe in due process. It'll be consistent. Even with the worst human beings on earth. i will still say that that's true By the way andrew cuomo awful dot com back in a minute. Don't forget to.

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