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Los Angeles. Nathan would you want tickets to go to the Rams game with the Cowboys in root for the Rams on Saturday night? Nathan. I would take him who would you root for Nathan? Well, I'm a giant fan. So I can't possibly for the guy. Okay. What do you call it in four days? What's going on your mind? Well since I am a giant fan. My most hated player. I have two points on. My most hated player is verse. I will tell people until the end of time except for maybe the eighty sixteen. The eight team seven not the eleven Super Bowl team steel eight team was the best we ever had. And we lost. We went eleven. And now we had beaten a lot of great teams through that stretch. And then he goes and shoots himself in the leg and our season ends with a whimper Twenty-three eleven to the eagles and the playoffs. Well, Nathan two things one. He did. Catch the touchdown pass for you. When I was seven that's two one and two is that. He did go to prison for it. So I don't know if that's any sort of, you know, consolation prize for you that he was he was a miserable incarcerated human being. But I don't know if that matters. Well, but we'll take the tyreek. Well, well, well, thank you for the for the Super Bowl. But we'll think Terry for making that plausible. Moving onto Josh mcdaniels. We're quickly give me a little wrote. I don't know if you were Star Trek. Next fan. Boy. Okay. At one point. There was an episode where commander Reicher it's revealed that he was offered multiple captains positions. On other ships. And he took us them. You gotta bring it home. Nathan. I gotta be honest with you bring it home brother, Josh mcdaniels wants only one head coaching job Nance the patriots. That's it. Never forget. Stop hiring them. Stop asking him. He will stay there until. Kills over or walks away. And that's it Nathan live long and prosper. Thank you for the phone. Call. That's true. I mean, you can't argue with that. That was a good giants team started the year eleven and one lost three the last four one and done in the playoffs by the eagles in Columbus, Ohio. You're here on the rich Eisen show home of the Ohio State buckeyes what's going on there. Teddy. Hey, unforgiveable, certainly John Cooper during the nineteen nineties. He had some incredible football teams just looking at the ninety five team alone. That was the BI of a two year. But Ohio State at Eddie, George Orlando pace. Mike gravel Shawn springs. Lovey Smith on their coaching staff. They had a plethora of big time huge talent throughout the entire nineties. John Cooper unforgivable. Ted. Thanks, the call Rackham. You know, the the I I've told you this before, but the reason why Ohio State hired John Cooper. My freshman year of college at the university of Michigan. Jim Harbaugh guaranteed victory over the state university. And he got it. They want it. They go to the Rose Bowl by freshman year. I Rose Bowl and we lost to in Arizona state team. Trace Armstrong always reminds me that because he was on the team. Oh nice. Jeff Van rap Horst was the quarterback bless, you know, never forget that name because it was my first Rose Bowl loss of many. And. The Ohio State buckeyes took note as to who beat Michigan. Head coach that Arizona state team was John Cooper. Love that guy. The thing.

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