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Sure out a box but you're not allowed meazza the two of the boxing that's the problem i guess series act latterly cardiovascular health big army cardio via would you me what listen bro he might dance with the first round lic jason my dance for the first round and that'll get you tired broke real so you need to hang in there i might walk the first round that adams that's something you who can't teach you know what i'm saying that's physical absorbed segment of technique kuruc niche my tech new worried about your let me a solemn is someone away s someone the hips okay can i just say what they were saying there was saying he's like if you're not worried about your cardio then you're gonna struggle for richard i mean i am worried about the carter but in different areas you know what i mean than additional one no no no no one knows below what i'm talking about sally gunnell again i have been asking you that yoohoo who fall god that many of the hell only cardio he does opening amount they know who fail a highly cc please help going on that i just now that i'm so excited yes sab day is going win this fight vare racial yes all taken a theorists you've got to take a serious showed that occasion shows your dedication to the shell rotella appreciate you sean dedicated i guess we didn't go back on youtube i heard streaming here's turning duck medication offer our let the lives of every what is that this is made of the new logic mcdade bobby tarantino to that johnson you've been listening to abuse ingles this past week here off our one of thick deal yesterday logic posted a video of rigging warning you know last year if your mortgage he was featured a he was a featured guest on the show yeah so it's only way of they help them announce his may state listen and what about logic larger logic where he calmed down.

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