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Hunter wasn't her first husband. If, we're honest. That wasn't uncommon in the sixteen forty S, but I mention it because it was the seed of a lot of rumors about her rumors that paint her terrifying light, and while they might have only been stories, the true details of her life make those rumors a lot easier to fall for. Mary McMahon had been married just once before as far as historians can tell in sixteen, thirty four, she married Daniel Nalen and the couple built a life together, but within five years Daniel was dead, leaving her with three young children to care for. Thankfully. Her next husband was a man of status. CONOR O'Brien was from a long line of Irish rulers, high kings, in fact, marriage to him, also met moving into the Family Tower House Liam. Manet Castle which had been built in the fourteen hundreds by sixteen forty, though it was a little worse for wear, so the couple made some renovations which added to its size and scope. But life was more complicated than that. It seems the Conor O'Brien was a bit of a hothead who had no problem reading English settlements in the area. In fact, Mary often rode alongside him participating in these missions in one document from sixteen, Forty two. We are told that Mary Ann Connor led a small band of fighters out on one such raid in February of that year and brought home, a wagon, full of household goods, fourteen pigs in over four hundred sheep. Mary it seems at a thirst for adventure, and if the stories were true, that violence came home with her, it said that she would hang her servants by their necks or hair. If people trespass on land, she was rumored to murder them and when she wasn't killing people. They said she was happy to engage in a bit of torture. Of course these were the same rumors. That said that she had married and killed over twenty men. The truth isn't found in the ratings of the mob or the propaganda of jealous. No truth is found in the historical record while it might not include nearly two dozen murdered. Husband's Mary's real story is more than terrifying as it is. In sixteen forty one, a conflict arose in Ireland that became known as the eleven years. It was part of a larger conflict all throughout Ireland Scotland and England as the wars of the three kingdoms. If you've ever heard names like the Irish rebellion of sixteen, Forty, one or the first second and third English civil wars, these were all smaller pieces under the larger umbrella of the wars of the three kingdoms. Naturally everyone had to pick a side Mary's husband. Connor eventually gave up his life of rating local English settlements, and became a commissioned officer in the royalist army, but in sixteen fifty one during a particularly bloody skirmish, connor was badly wounded, and in an effort to save him, some of his men carried his body back to his home and to marry. It said that Mary looked out her window and saw them approaching and assumed connor. According to the legend, she leaned out the window and shouted at the approaching soldiers. We want know dead men here, but after a quick conversation. They informed her that her husband was still alive and in need of help. Sadly, conor O'Brien died in the castle a short while later. When he did, Mary did something unusual. She put on one of our best dresses climbed into a carriage, and made the perilous journey to the nearest parliamentarian camp, the very same forces that had killed her husband, and if the legends are true, she did it for two reasons, both of which require a bit explanation. I, she did it to make an offer being newly widowed, she was free to marry again, and had decided that the first officer in the enemy camp to come forward with earned her hand in marriage. We don't know if anyone step forward that day, but we do know that a short while. Later she was recorded as being married to a parliamentarian officer named John. Cooper. I think it's safe to assume he was the one who took her up on that offer. But why do this? Most historians think that Mary saw the writing on the wall. At least for the moment the parliamentarians were the horse to bet on, and Mary had an estate and children to look after marrying into the conquering side was away of buying a bit of Insurance Against Tumultuous Times. But there's the second reason for her to the enemy camp that day. gave her a chance to ask around and identify the man who fired the shot that killed her husband. And Mary, was it the sort of woman who let go of a grudge or to let anyone else do the dirty work when it mattered. It said a short while later Mary herself hunted down the Man Responsible I can picture her writing through the night on a black horse gun and sword hanging at her side, and creeping into the parliamentarian camp to abduct her target. It said that she then hanged the man to death, putting an end to request for vengeance. Allowing her life to move on. Today! She's known as Red Mary, maybe because of the color of her hair or perhaps due to all the blood, she was rumored to have spilled. Either way she's managed to leave a mark on the past and found a way to stick around all these centuries later. History like life isn't always neat and tidy. There are a lot of things we don't know about. Mary McMahon, or whether or not the rumors about her were entirely true. But we do know that she was fierce, powerful and more than a little bloody. And if history has taught us anything. It's darkness like that. That can never be contained..

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