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And we'll playoffs are going on Atlanta. United f c with a big win over New York City f c you know, they are undefeated since you know, we had them on lads podcast on relegated podcast, the United f c guys. So just saying just saying so yeah. Shay stadium seen go to all your favorite sporting events. And they'll they'll fuck you up so Martin man city defeated Southampton. Six one. Just another day at the office for man city. Holy shit, dude. And the the most disappointing thing about it is pet was disappointed in the result. He was. Was disappointed in their defensive capabilities? And I was just like. Do you would kill Dismore like more than like, I saw this data Bleacher? It was like Manchester United has zero five goal or more game since like twenty thirteen's. It's like, sir. Alex left like that. Like, this is like boring like, I'm bored of watching man city. Now, if they don't score least six goals, then I'm disappointed like what the fuck. And like, you know, I hate Southampton. And that goes without saying because the fired our boy caught Pule who pools. And I you know, Arlo white was say like on Twitter. He was like what happened to this club Southampton, you know, competing in the Europa league. And like, you know, coming in six eighth place and used to be like the gold standard of teams who are in the top six. I'll tell you what happened there head got to fucking big and they fire club Pule because they to spire to be a top sixteen. When all they do is sell on their best. Players like Virgil Van Dyke Oxley Chamberlain all on a Liverpool. I, you know. Man, you know, it's just bad management. And they think they could be bigger than that. And just have to realize who you are like I realized who I am like I'm like like a soft six I understand that. And I go into the world, you know, trying to aspire sometimes hit on like a seven or eight. But I know my place. I know who I am I'm fine with that I accept to. I am Southampton thought they could be like a nine or an eight nine or ten they're not that I've not that. We're never going to be that. And they just, you know, got to in their own heads got too much of a big head their head got too big. And I was almost like pitying Southampton in this game, which I never thought I would do. But I was like God damn these guys are king their Schick kicked in. Did I think I know exactly who Southampton is they are me went on drunk and have the confidence the confidence to go after anybody. And I'm just like. It's me, and I just get shot. The fuck down the six one and realize. Oh, yeah. I know who I am. I don't know. Why thought I'd try something else? But yeah, this is just I mean this game is not just a domination of Southampton. But it's a warning to every other team in the league like starting in the six minute until the Nandi of plus one minute they dominated they destroyed, and we're hime sterling has gotten so much fucking better under pep Guardiola. It's not even funny it hurt. The man is twenty three years old. And he is a God damn great player under pep city. He's a beast, and it hurts and he decide like an extension, right? Like god. Yeah. Damn it's like, you know. You know, it'd be a real shame. If those footy leaks we had to take away these man city titles. It'd be a real shame. We had this band and destroy this team. I I would never wish that on mansion. I will. I will. I would never wish Manchester City to be completely destroyed by the footy leaks. But..

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