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The line that's interesting conversation and thanks for having me i want to talk about what has actually happened in tampa in your area and extract lessons from it because i used to live in tampa and you talk about local media disappearing tampa was one of the most vibrant news centers in the united states you have the tampa tribune creative loafing this and of course the you know the venables saint petersburg times and we have just seen a dramatic reduction there tell us a little bit about what happened in tampa yeah i was actually a participant in the early stage of this as managing editor of what was then the saint pete times now the tampa bay times and there's been a there there was a very extended competition between the two and heavy investment in in a bureau that covered tampa pretty thoroughly and ultimately the tampa bay times which is connected to pointer i should disclose yeah of crop bought a bought the tampa tribune and folded it so so essentially the tampa bay times is trying to serve this entire metro area and and you're right about creative loafing to like a lot of all weeklies it's it's had its own version of a lot of financial pressure a lot of loss of advertising so it's not what it used to be and if i remember correctly the saint petersburg times as a nonprofit that's almost right it's phone by the poynter institute which is a nonprofit for journalists but the times itself is a four prophet and they pay taxes and all that thing well as we talk about money we have seen a real dramatic decrease as far as what what reporters are paid when they when they enter we've also seen in this has been a central theme in consolidation examples like that of diane ignorance serena who she is she's the former editorial page editor for the tampa tribune she then took over the content creator position at w usf the npr station and she essentially left to start her own venture from there and it presented itself is kind of this uplifting news for the area but in many cases it was just sponsored content that she didn't disclose to her readers all the.

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