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Charles, Town Hall, Mexico discussed on Larry Elder


The emergencies chief of the World Health Organization says central and South America are witnessing the most intense transmission of the corona virus but it's difficult to predict when the pandemic might pique their uncle Ryan says five of the ten countries recording the most new cases are in the Americas the US Brazil Peru Chile and Mexico he says hospitals are starting to strain under the pressure Ryan says that the WHO's is particularly concerned about places like Haiti because of the inherent weaknesses in their health systems he's clarified the outbreaks in South Asia and Africa well the difficult announced stable Charles at dinner that's not London a bomb exploded inside a mosque in the capital of Afghanistan killing two people including the mosque's leader and wounding two others the attackers targeted the was here Akhbar Khan mosque when worshippers gathered for their evening prayers news and analysis at town hall dot com I'm Keith Peters in Washington in travel we've got the answer this report is sponsored by rocket mortgage by quicken loans in Lafayette was found twenty four Oct along this road a we have a secular that affect all.

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