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It's fairly this good. I mean there's no reason he should is he. This is sustainably good. I don't how he loves the prospect rankings and where he's drafted wing. That's not sustainable. Which part of his game would you. Worry isn't sustainable. The on-base percentage that generally follows a guy. That's right behind. Alvin davis as far as starts in mariner history maybe the first few months generally unbased percentage is not something that is going i would think change that much right like if that's something you're good at and you got a good i that should follow you wherever you go. Justin smoak excluded good athleticism and speed. And that's not going to go away. No so if you're worried the power goes away okay. If somebody hasn't hit for that much power is seven. Bombs said. A few home runs but like in major league baseball today. That's not uncommon. You a five hundred. Slugging percentage is pretty pretty good but maybe goes down a little bit. But that's that's not bad if that goes to four thirty instead of five hundred. Is he still a good player. An amazing player. So i i don't see i mean maybe this jake free lease a little. Like this is him at his best but as he gets older as he understands the game. Better i mean like i don't see i don't know what there isn't sustainable brooke. Well if that's the case then you train the chancellor. So i kind of asked that question. Because i don't think any of us in the you know looking at the outfield and looking at julio rodriguez now get elevated. The aa jerk kilner has gotten himself right and i see him hitting the other way. Some highlights sent to you guys and kyle lewis. I know has some injury concern. But i mean if jake farley's good and right now he's third on your team and war one point seven barely behind tie france and j pretty leading the way if he's good then. I think you've got to got to see the next couple of weeks play. I know we'll get into this conversation and what to do. But i mean if he's if he's good if this is a sustainable player trae matana khor i love the take. I'm not sure. I agree with you but i wanna i wanna kind of flush it out a little bit so to me. The only issue with that is if you if you if you make that point and you take haniger out of the lineup every day. It's not that it's for free. It's not fraley because he's already getting daily bats correct. It's what else does that. Do to your outfield right. Yes because now. It's because now you're going to be dependent on kiln accor- you know when these young guys coming up and having attributing yes and we haven't seen and we have not seen success there and now all the sudden you find yourself contending. I assume you mean by july thirty first if the team is still kind of wear their attention obviously if they lay an egg in the next few weeks that major then you're trading haniger anyway for different reason but that's a tough one for me to to kind of get through because it's it's not the freely thing it's the important at bats roy in the mail or cal neck or whomever do we have to go back to. I mean we're seeing a lot of shed long still in left field. Or we're gonna see dylan more donnie. Wall donny what me. Some of these guys weren't outfielder. You trade matana girl and thomas action. It's also another professional rabat on from your lineup which i don't i don't know that you can afford to lose right now. Now the other part of that is trade them for what exactly i mean brock. Let's be clear. Because i know that there's somebody right now screaming at. They're not radio. Whatever it is. You're listening to this on and saying you. Just keep away mitch. Well known giving them away. Remember the point of a trade is that you give up pieces and somebody else gives up equivalent value in some way. So does it depends what you can get back from. Chandigarh correct are you getting back some legitimate major league starting pitching because as you mentioned brooke forty percent of your rotation right now. No offense to either guy are not major league quality of justice. Sheffield marco gonzales. Right now. those are major league pitchers. I know marco is a major league. Pitcher shown it before he'll show it again. I think maybe he's hurt. I don't know but they're not. They're not pitching major leaguers. Every time out. They're not giving you a chance to win correct. I mean they're they're not making quality starts. You're getting three out of five good starts as long as you don't accidentally have one of those guys just have a bump in the road and for forty percent or are just knocking no chance. What was your old great cheap rock. Nc and nc no chance. And that's what marco gonzales starts have become and that's what justice sheffield starts have been so if you're getting back some legitimate starting pitching. Why are you willing to trade mitch. Haniger for an equivalent value starting pitcher with another with. Let's say the similar amount of time and his deal. There's one out there. I don't think the team that you that that has them would be willing to make that trade. It's not german marquez. I know that that's danny's guy and he's right guy be great personally. He's not. I have a list of of four guys to go after he's not on my list. I think he's too expensive. I just think that he's you know with what he's done in the last month. Good star and good luck. But you just got to see kyle gibson the other day for taxes Your plus left on his deal. I mean really similar. Look at the numbers i mean. He's good he's really. I don't think texas would want mitch haniger. They're in. They're in a more of a rebuild than you are. They'd have to be some sort of a three team deal in order to make something like that happen but the point is just that there are players of that kind of value. No i don't wanna trade matana gir- but would i trade them for pitcher like like gibson who i keep one uncle josh gibson's not him. Kyle gets them he. I would want me to. you're gone. I got a sneak peek at your list of the guys that you consolidating over. And what if you trade him for legitimate pop in the middle your lineup. Legitimate game we'll get. I don't see that as being deal either. But i mean there's some there's some fun stuff to consider it leads to the. Let's ask the big quayle ascot. Throw it out there. Mike even tip tone it flyer. Chris woodward now should the rangers. I gotta tell you. I was watching that game friday night. I watched i stayed up. I was on vacation. i was in bend. I think it was the same night. I'd gotten no. It was one hundred and fourteen degrees. I did get into another fight with old people. I will talk about your sock one out now. I absolute well little you do that for all. People have to stop watching cable.

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