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Okay, well, the student council meeting will be held today at three o'clock in the gymnasium. It never would have gotten that word. Alexa off. And that's how you do an announcement. Not like that. Tell our Griffin radio help X 96. There's a Morning out school morning announcement thing for you, Nick on the memories are flooding back. When we go to Catholic school. You get prayers. Morning prayers over the really how long it does go. Well, you know, the Catholic prayer, So they're set their written for you, right? You don't have to. There's no improv on the Catholic prayers can't really know. Yes and ing on All right time enough around one of your boners. Here we go. Three new stories. Thes air examples of bad, stupid or funny human behavior. You will decide with your votes of these three candidates which one is the worst? Which one deserves to go forward to Boehner. Fighting possibly become boner of the day. We'll get a winner in this round 8 20 rolls around. We've got three more. Three different candidates will get a winner in that round. That's round two. Take the winners of each round and send them forward to Boehner. Fight 9 20 this morning's when you'll decide boner of the day, so right now pick your champion to send forward from this round one. Here we go two candidates now a third after the news. Once you've heard all three, then you will votes and one of you lucky random boner voters will receive Can't buy. Gotta win it Boner T shirt. Just like that. Katie's showing your next 96 dot com slash life, which is also you can see Nick there and he's sitting in my chair, which I haven't sat in that chair for 200 days. And that there's all my things behind you. That kind of makes me said you got on my flags. They're my things. Now. The only thing I did was I added the rainbow flag for you up there. Thank you. And I've got one here too. So where where I'm at home that you took that with you. But clearly I need a ute something here that remind. Well, don't you have something? Yeah, I will add a you thing here, Tio. You put it up on the wall right there. Yeah, I got room, right? See right there. There's the spot right there. All right. Okay. Uh, yeah. That Boehner candidate number one. I will not be denied tacos. Imperial Beach, California deputies. They're asking for the public's help in identifying the man who was caught on video using a skateboard to break a window at a taco shop in Imperial Beach. San Diego Sheriff's Department said the man walked up to Don Pancho's taco shop. You know, that's got to be a good talker shop with on October 8th but was refused service because he was not wearing a mask. In California. The mask mandate is everywhere. So there's no excuse for not having a mask with you, especially if you want to get a taco. You gotta have a mask. The man then walked outside and used the skateboard to break the shop window, causing about $400 in damage. Department shared a video of the vandalism on Twitter on Friday in hopes of finding the man. No injuries were reported in the incident, but Just wear your damn math. Get a taco. It's that easy. I don't understand why that was There shouldn't be tough. Your reach down in your pocket. You get a mask. I don't. I don't see how this was the answer to his problem of no tacos. But that's the kind of person that doesn't wear a mask is someone that would think the answer to that. Is breaking a window with your skateboard and they're missing out on the Ah taco breath they could live through for the rest of day with their master. Ah, that's boner. Candidate number one boater candidate number two. Do you need more than one Burmese python Solid city. 20 Burmese pythons were seized from the home of a Salt Lake counting man who now faces charges for possessing exotic animals. Animals did I really just say animals? You did. Exotic animals without a permit, according to court documents obtained by KUTV to news a probable cause affidavit. States that 64 year old Marty Lynn Bone sold baby per Mieze pythons to an undercover police officer. Police got a search warrant for his home where they found 20 pythons, 10 of which were more than 10 FT. Long. In an apartment. Well, you got the you got the one room dedicated to your Burmese python breeding. You know, it's a two bedroom apartment. There's my bedroom. And then there's the reading room. Bone has not had an exotic, dangerous animal permit since 2017. According to police on bones dining room table. Police say they located quote fresh marijuana. It wasn't that old dried stuff and this is fresh more than $2000 cash and a gun bone is restricted from owning a firearm. Also, the affidavit says, also found inside the home were to unlabeled plastic containers full of quotes several pills. Which police determined were opiate derivatives. Bone has not been formally charged yet, but he's got 10 counts of possessing an exotic animal without a permit and possession of firearms. And really, I just want to know why do you need more than one Burmese Python Boner candidate number two Coming up in a moment. Boner candidate number three these things they're not emergencies. All right. Spooner, candidate number three for around one coming up after this big boy news and opinion window brought to you by protect your home and family with a security system from mountain alarm. Utah security experts visit mountain alarm dot com or call 801395 87 100. How will you tell restaurants survive when cold weather.

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