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The Art Institute of Seattle is shutting down the story from komo's Jeff Pohjola out of money and out of support. The institute will close its doors for good at the end of the week. Don Bennett is the deputy director of the Washington student achievement council. This is all related to the financial instability of the parent company dream center education, holding scan this has been sort of in in the works for a couple of months six hundred and fifty students now have to figure out what to do next calls and emails to the institute's parent company have not been returned. Jeff Pohjola, KOMO news. We were talking about this earlier, you think about the jammed that these students are in and you think impact about those who are close to gaining their grease of degrees. The thousands upon thousands of dollars that they spent their on the cusp of graduate. And now they've got nothing. There's no place to even transfer it because it's not like they're going from a community college or it's an it's an Art Institute. This is a big deal. It was a really big deal. Story will continue to follow as rents continue to climb. There's a plan to help families and affordable housing. So they're not pushed out, but as komo's Ryan Harris tells us even supporters say it's not enough as the Seattle city council prepares to vote on mandatory affordable housing rules council member. Lisa her plan would require developers that build in a few high risk areas in the north and south sides of town, build as many new affordable units as are lost or pay more into the coffers. Steve ribs Delo is among those who told the council's planning land use and zoning committee affordable units are lost faster than they're built. And they'd like to see the threshold for family set at fifty percent or less of the area's median income. Not eighty percent when you up zone you raise the taxes. You make many of the properties, which are affordable no longer economically viable. That's why we keep losing affordable units. The committee didn't vote, but will address this measure, again, the council's vote is expected March eighteenth Ryan Harris komo's. News, I in Washington, which has leased state trust land as part of a solar power project. Come most Bill O'neil reports. The deal includes a forty year lease with a Portland based company, which plans to begin operations in twenty twenty Commissioner of public lands. Hillary France says the lease for the one hundred fifty megawatts solar power project and click tad county will generate more than one hundred fifty thousand dollars a year in new revenue for schools across the state the hundred eighty acres in which the solar farm will be built is currently used for grazing cattle that generates about two dollars per year per acre for the state Bill O'neil, KOMO news. The federal government is looking to lift protections for gray wolves across the country. US wildlife officials say successful recovery efforts are prompting this move chase Ganal with conservation north west is our states in good shape. We've been very lucky here in Washington that we have a population of wolves that's growing at approximately thirty percent a year. We believe that there are well over one hundred fifty wolves in our state today while things have gone well here wildlife advocates. In California, Colorado and New Mexico are expressing concerns about the planned delisting activists lobbied at the state capital for new gun regulations today. And komo's Charlie Harker tells us some advocates are skeptical. The legislature is considering a measure that would require mandatory training before a concealed. Pistol licenses CPL's are issued or renewed sue Whitcomb with moms demand action for gun. San says the goal is to increase gun safety seeing her husband and son are both gun owners again owners, I now they're responsible and they're like, yeah. We don't want something to happen. You know, if we leave again laying around but gun rights, advocate and writer. Dave workman says there's already a background check for CPL's in Washington has over six hundred thousand holders of the license who might be inconvenienced. I know a lot of people who have had CPL's for decades. And this is not going to sit. Well, with them at this thing pass it the Bill is still being heard by committee. Charlie Harger, KOMO news. Washington state Senate has approved a proposal to expand the state's extreme risk. Order law to include minors, the Bill would give courts the ability to apply the orders to minors, and their parents would be required to keep their guns. Locked up supporters say the new law could prevent some school shootings. But critics say the orders might be misused the Bill now goes to the house. Frank lenzi. Komo news. Komo news time six ten time. For sports from the Harley exterior sports desk. You demands basketball coming your way, pre game coverage just twenty minutes. From now is the huskies play host to the Oregon state beavers just two games left in the regular season for the dogs have already clinched the regular season title in number one seat at the upcoming.

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