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Some point so i think that's that's what intrigues him is that opportunity to see okay i've done it at a place before i've learned i've grown i've learned for nick sabin i've had that experience now i need to put everything that i've learned together to try and win that national championship as a head coach at any head coach will tell you that's the goal right to win the national championship and even though he's got rings as an assistant it's not the same as being the head coach of that team and i think he also wants to prove himself against the best against nick sabin against kirby smart against coaches like that so i do think eventually that opportunity will come for him i really do gripe as if you haven't read it on espn dot com by andrea adelson about lane kiffin andrea great to have you on toxin thanks paul appreciate it really fun conversation we'll talk about lane kiffin welcome back i mean is is i mean there were some good jobs this past carousel he i don't think he got serious looks at some of them and tennessee being among them is lane kiffin ready to get back to the big show we will take your phone calls on that subject and others if you're lsu and things don't work out for odur on or you content would you be happy with lane kiffin would you have rather seen lane kiffin at tennessee than jeremy pruitt welcome back lottery action coming in from that conversation and others kyle is up next good afternoon kyle hey good afternoon how're you doing paul we're well thank you very much now is not to call in first time caller and listen for a little while thank you appreciate i guess my base i just can't get past all the the kiffin love like she wrote a whole big giant positive article on this guy and it i just i just have a hard time.

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