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And we'll also be honoring the nineteen Seventy-nine national championship team between periods. Minnesota waddles. The puck down into the attack zone. Picked up behind his goal by wall count. Knock almost lost cutting in front of his own net. But pushes it up ice. Now for Baker. He crosses the gopher line in terms of over. Minnesota's Ben Brinkman who has steadily been becoming very important defense. Went back there for the gophers. Got it up ice junior gates stride across the line poke check off his stick by Sean doogie and engage blows on wheel and his knocked over. Back. It was all blue line for the badgers. Got it up to Sean who led Wisconsin in shots in that first period getting three of their seventeen. Gophers had a three-shot effort from brim look in that period of the nine put on goal. Are. We in Penn State. Here comes the gophers pelvic. Does absorbing ahead. He hid in the end boards as well. Badger slide to the Boers gopher out dates passed a Walker just skipped over his behind the Wisconsin. And it's off the net minder Lebedev. And finally, the badgers are able to work it back to neutral as. Tyler any hit center. Steers it Indy. Gophers changing on the go and Wisconsin comes up to the right of their net. Peter Tyskie other veteran player getting it up ice. Now for Malone shameless Malone walking the blue line pass off the boards down to the lower left corner. Play it out in front. Goes back in behind too far for the Jason duty two brothers. Jason and Shawn doogie on this team. The Dookie brothers. The Doobie brothers. Roles behind his goal for Minnesota long stretch fast up the middle. Just misses Blick mcglaughlin. And Wisconsin goes back inside their own line for almost three minutes gone here at a fast pace second period with no whistles as yet. Dead man passes center ice goes to Jason duty. Strenuous brothers. You're not going to be able to get away from that. It's going to be an ear bug for the rest of the season. Back to my point. Dookie brothers. No. I I watched the first Gary where did seventeen come from shots for Wisconsin in that period grew. No, this is not Penn State is that where you're going. Have you guys here are spot on he nice now? Well. An accurate number. Look at your shot. Hip chat thrown in going to the is biting the dust on that one was line is wise back gopher clarify not out at the blue lines deflected off a stick going. Why did we go for nuts? Norman in there for. Play it away from Brock Caufield and does is slowly rolls back. Oh to neutralize. Three nothing Minnesota leading Wisconsin as the badger step back across the line. Caufield crunched up along the margin written off the play allowing Minnesota to regain possession. Field. One two points in his last three goals. There's a shot on goal steered actually by the badgers net. Almost knocked blows comes to the point CDC will hold it in for the gophers. Only one shot so far in this period. That's coming for Minnesota's we played over four minutes. Now. Check thrown down there again and getting the absorption of that one was a defenseman Tyler Aina model. Gophers Norman will dump it in delayed offside the gophers will tag up as play. We'll continue now. Allows Wisconsin they come back out of their own zones. A thought to the gopher blueline Tommy nolaac will pick it up on the white wall. And chip it off the glass to neutralize nothing going on in the in the offense of zone for the badgers. Here comes the Sean doogie, but it's off saw push pause ten seconds for station identification. This is where you hear Minnesota golden gopher hockey. Chancing on AM eleven thirty one zero three point five FM HD wide on iheartradio..

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