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Congratulations. Another championship for Boston. They will have earned it yada, yada, yada, blah, blah, blah position on this is all very clear. That, of course, the great Brent hall before four and that's the reason they tied the series at two, by the way. Nothing says Stanley Cup final more than this headline on ESPN dot com reports. Charles, jaw broken Bruins options, he has not still been ruled out for game five despite the fact that the Dino chara literally, the biggest guy on the team has a broken jaw. Yeah. And they just listed as a facial injuries broken six nine by the way game six nine about two fifty. Imagine that, then on skate for seven with the skin. That'd be a beautiful sat here and laugh so hard yesterday on the bottom line watching it, scroll past in the studio here on ESPN where it said status still uncertain for game five in parentheses broken. John Senate as long as I've been on the ESPN to me that the toughest athletes in the world Grant Fuhr when he was a goal for the blues once played in a playoff game of the tornado. He played in a postseason game with a torn ACL. It's unbelievable. So for more on the Stanley Cup final as always were delighted to be joined by Eddie Olczyk not only former hockey player, but according to our question sheet, and appreciative of the ponies. Eddie, thanks for being with us this morning. I first and give me your favorite tough-guy hockey story, because they are they are the greatest. We'll good morning guys. You know, guys seem to be able to confined way, come playoff time and senior said, you know, being a lot bias and having played in this. Great league and sport, for long time, guys, just be able to bite the bullet and, and find a way I saw Mariela MU for couple of seasons in Pittsburgh. I mean there were times where I mean, the guy needed help to just get up from a chair and somehow someway. He was able to get some help and get escaped on and go out there and be the best player around the ice night in night out. And somehow, somehow, someway guys, just find a way to be able to suck it up and, and do what they need to do. So would I be surprised if we saw Sharon the lineup tonight? No, but we'll have to wait and see and certainly a huge development here in the series with a guy with all that variance and Hugh, tanker in every sense of it on the back end for the Bruins tell if he's not in that line of Boorda's ado. Yeah. Well, I mean, look at it somebody that. Each up, so many important minutes, not necessarily on the power play. But on those we killing situations, the match up, you know, think about it, Mike. You said it nine to fifty and a wingspan probably about sixty five feet and going up against the guy like that. I mean you got you know, you don't have much of a chance. But, you know when you take a guy out of the lineup like that forces guys to go up the ladder. And whether it's, you know, roll guys or guys that are in that second and third pair, all of a sudden, you're asking them to go up there, guys top lines of other teams. So that's really where the, the biggest question. Mark will be other guys eat up the minutes that he takes all the quality minutes against the other top line. So look, this is a. I guess the other colossal development within the series. And if he can't go all the momentum for trail enjoy hearing, this is all the momentum certainly falls in favor of the Saint Louis blues, say it again. Again, with us on the shell Pennzoil performance line in the new show v power nitro plus premium gasoline now at four levels of defense against gunk, wear corrosion, and friction any we spent some time in the NBA side talking about the process of getting a guy like Kevin Durant back on the corporate half injury or Klay Thompson with a hamstring now with something like this. And we talk about how tough hockey players are. What is that conversation like, when it's something like a broken jaw going into with your training staff with the coaching staff about how to get a guy ready for this? Yeah. I mean I hate doing this junior, but I the only thing I, I can relate to that. I took a took a puck in the face and practice during the regular season the player and I broke my medic arts. No, you're adopter doors while doing your. So you're everybody where that yesterday, chewing gum? But it's, it's, it's a bone in the area and I had to sleep with a steel plate at nighttime on my for six weeks. So it didn't once they reset it ahead to do that, so that it wouldn't be pushed in and then to have to have, you know, really major surgery and what have you and you gotta wear this cage, and you gotta wear the fish bowl, and it's just it's very unorthodox, but you just say, look, can I heard it any further. Really? That's the question. You know this. Your dad knows this like you tell the trainer the doctor anymore. Yeah. How much how much more her can I get? That's what ends up happening and, and you find a way like I said earlier, you just find a way to fight to it. And if I can't get hurt anymore, and especially at this time of year. I mean, there's no doubt in my mind. No one big z. There is no doubt in my mind. Those are questions that, that he is asking and we guardless so there's any surgery. Volved or whatever you know look, what, what what's going to happen down the road? And if you're telling me that. Okay. All right. Just gonna have to have another surgery. Whatever then, okay, I'm ready to go and, and clear all the protocols that I need. So those are the conversations no different from football league. The NBA makes baseball, the National Hockey League's the same. But that that's those are conversations that you have and guys want to get out there, whether it's the regular season or game game five sixty seven of the Stanley Cup final. That's why you love the stink of the rink is NBC sports. Pucks pony expert, Eddie Olczyk with us as a few big days ahead of him. I it's the blues. Bruins game five tonight, eight o'clock eastern than the Belmont, Stakes this Saturday at four on NBC and Sunday night is game six. We'll get to the ponies in a little bit. But you mentioned Eddie that all the momentum now seems to be with the blues, and this is something they've been able to do this entire season six on the road this postseason when trailing tied in this series. What do you make of that? I think it's a Matic's. I I really do trae. I think it's being very comfortable playing a certain way and. Speak from experience. I mean when you do play at home that you try to put on a show, but you may be try to be a little bit more fancy. You try to be a little bit more finesse type of team. And that's, that's not the blues is, I'm all it's not. And they've been so resilient, as you know, in these playoffs when they've had a bad game they've found back in a big way. And I think you gotta give a lot of credits to coaching staff. Craig, ruby who has the interim tag on them, which is drives me crazy. When they introduce them in the buildings as interim head. I'm just Lakers process. The National Hockey League and they spoke home inter interim head coach. He's done a great job. And I believe it's just when you get on the road, you just it's it's hockey twenty four seven I'll have to worry about tickets. You don't have to worry about your family. You don't have to any, it's just all business. And I think that they played that way on the role. They have played some incredible games. Now I go back to round one against Winnipeg. Remember go back the rod one where they won the first two games in Winnipeg. They lost the next to it home. Then they go back to Winnipeg where they're getting totally outplayed for the first two periods in the in the kite series to any score three goals in the last in the last period and beat Winnipeg three to score twenty seconds left to going again, Jaden Schwartz scored. And then they go home, and they just totally poma Winnipeg and win the series. So, you know, they they just stay the same. They just stay the course stay the course and then find a way to win on the road had a better record. On the road in the playoffs, and you do at home. I think that speaks to the heart of the heart of what I just said any check. Joining us again, talking about the, the NHL finals right now, also covering the Belmont on Saturday, and listen. We all understand. No triple crown on the line. It's been kind of an odd year. We had a racist this year for it. So we're looking for those reasons again to tune into the Belmont and for you to give me that horse. It's gonna make me some money. Yeah, we're gonna try to get back to inheritance here. I know. I know the pressure pressure is, you know, it is it is a competitive race it really is. And we gotta feel that ten as of right now. The weather looks like it's going to be absolutely beautiful on Saturday. Which is a nice thing they're going to mile and a half most of these sources will never run this distance again as they continue on in their race. Career were of will who ran a incredible race in the Preakness is going to be coming out of post position number nine the horse that I'm leaning on right now is Tacitus who finished fourth in the derby, but then was moved up because everybody remembers disqualification he ended up running third. He he was one of the fastest closing horses. That day I think there's quite a bit of speed in this race. I think for the mile and a half, I think you're gonna get a pretty honest, paste and Tacitus bypass the Preakness and he got a little bit of you know, a little bit of rest in between the derby. Philmont were of will be the only horse that have been running all three jewels of the triple crown. So I'm using a lot of my, a lot of my tickets. Run at ten course Tacitus and almost gonna use a horse that they gave out in the Preakness bourbon war. I didn't like the ride that I read Ortiz gave bourbon war in the Preakness they want. They've gone to Mike Smith. Now. Everybody knows Mike Smith triple com champion jockey. He is gonna be writing bourbon. Warren also, interesting will be master fencer, a horse that came from Japan. He has the fastest closing quarter mile in the Kentucky Derby, now that was a that was a off track. He did come up the best part of the race track along the rail be interesting to see he's bread to run for five miles master fencers. So that's a horse. I think might be the so-called wiseguy horse coming up on Saturday. But right now, I'm a lot of my tickets, Tacitus and bourbon war, and hopefully, we can make all that money back for junior and look for it in by on somewhere about junior shoot you right here. Exactly. Trust me is very lucrative. For you to if this goes right for me. So I appreciate the sound advice here. That sounds good. That sounds good to me. Hopefully, we'll get to jocular rides at the. A little more Eddie as always. We appreciate the time. Thanks, brother. Heavy cruciate guys. Thanks. He's just great. He's fantastic fast. Okay. So we'll see what happens tonight. They're coming up in talking about his new quarterback. Dill dill actually say something about his old quarterback. We'll get to that after this. 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