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Is especially in the kim jongun and communist tradition is that the top hass to agree and then send the message clearly that the underlings must follow so the key is if mr kim jongun feels he can work with mr trump we may actually have more progress than if the junior middle late middle niddle and junior staff alexei mid level senior staff were to be negotiating for years and years um also when we had it's also a um misleading for mr trump to claim that he's come the closest because president bill clinton came very close to a peaceful recognition peaceful reconciliation with north korea and what they did also was used top level people including secretary of state albright and the north korean send their vice marshal to'mild knock to the united states and met who met with bill clinton in the white house in his north korean military uniform it's much easier for north koreans to get direction from the top yeah so in that sense i think we are overplaying this summit as a reward concept okay ethan f seen mood chime in here because i i hear what catherine moon saying but i'm also still interested in this idea in this notion or idea or question i should say of whether or not we can get actual concrete steps or promises in to lay the groundwork before uh this you know the the summit between trump and kim jongun watches assume there is all sorts of furious of back and forth going on now i would i would i would hope so especially it's kind of interesting that north korea officially of course has remained completely mom on this i mean the the only way we know publicly about this invitation is purely through south korea of nor three hasn't said anything but assuming that it is going forward.

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