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Npr's peter kenyon has more they're both reporting that an israeli private intelligence firm known as black cube was engaged in an effort to discredit some of these supporters of the nuclear agreement some of its proponents the observers account links aides to donald trump to that effort former british foreign secretary jack straw told the guardian that these allegations are extraordinary and appalling and smack of desperation on the part of the deal's opponents it didn't succeed obviously this campaign and we should say npr hasn't independently confirmed the allegations npr's peter kenyon west virginia holds its primary election tomorrow former massey energy ceo don blankenship is running for senate but his ads attack senate majority leader mitch mcconnell of kentucky and contain an apparent ethnic slur against mcconnell's wife dave missed it of west virginia public broadcasting reports flagship is seeking the west virginia seat now held by democratic incumbent joe manchin but his ad takes aim at gop senator mitch mcconnell of kentucky the ad insinuates mcconnell was tied to cocaine by way of his wife's father who owns a shipping company which was once implicated in a drug case the china people remark refers to mcconnell's wife and transportation secretary elaine chao filed for the race after serving prison time for violating federal mind safety standards he finished his one year of supervised release wednesday the day after the primary election for npr news i'm dave mitch in morgantown west virginia meanwhile president trump is tweeting this morning that blankenship cannot win the election you're listening to npr the trump newspaper publishing company has agreed to recognize union representation for its publications in the chicago area trunk officials had fought this and a similar union drive at the loss angeles times trunk lost that effort and sold the la times weeks later now the chicago tribune and it's copublications will have union representation along with subsidiary units a national law that requires chain restaurants to list calories on menus and menu boards goes into effect today npr's alison aubrey reports calorie counts will be posted for all items on the menu including alcoholic beverages congress passed a law eight years ago requiring chains with twenty outlets are more to post calories the rationale is that easy to use nutrition information posted at the point of ordering can help us make more.

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