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There are more than a few issues with the evidence presented in both lincoln's work and the gold of ren in one chapter of the gold of ren it said that sewn year visited the louvre in eighteen ninety one shortly after making his discovery at the church there he supposedly a reproduction of a painting by artist. Nicolas poussin allegedly the coded message. Sonia found inside the church's altar had practically mentioned this painting by name. Its image shows a tomb with a hill in the background. A very similar looking tomb in front of a very similar looking hill was found. Only a few miles from reynolds chatto in a town called arc. This led many to believe that poussin painting was based on that exact spot and perhaps he was helping to protect whatever secrets. lay there. But there's a problem with this anecdote. The blue apparently didn't sell reproductions back in the nineteenth century when sonia supposedly visited meaning he could have looked at the painting. But there's no way he brought a copy back to ren la- chateau to study and decode. And there's no record of pu. The peter ever visiting relish tau. He spent most of his life working in rome and had no apparent reason to go to the quaint village. The visual similarity is likely just a coincidence. Although there was one other connection between this painting and ran lucia toe the inscription written on the paintings tomb at in arcata eggo. The same words were also said to be found on the gravestone of marie blanche for a woman buried in ran the chateau cemetery now. That's either an incredible coincidence or an intentional clue or the connection itself is ally. If you remember in part one baron jay soni air supposedly damage this headstone and its inscription. People believe this was his way of covering his tracks or destroying clues. But since murray's gravestone the longer bears the inscription. Today the only thing we can work off of is a nineteenth century drawing of murray's headstone referenced. In the book the gold of ren in nineteen ninety six and investigative series called time watch looked into the legitimacy of this drawing in the episode writer. Pierre jarnac points out that the gold of ren features evidence from various nineteenth century illustrations. All from an artist named gene blind but jarnac found another book by stu blind called a trip to thermal establishments in stu blind signature on the drawings in his own publication compared to the ones reverend in the gold of ren don't match meaning the illustration cited in the gold of ren were forgeries they were fabricated by said or plantar as a way to validate their findings other than this counterfeit picture. There's no evidence linking marib wash force headstone to the poussin painting as for marie blush for herself. We told you in part one that her husband's family could trace its lineage. Back to the crusades in fact conspiracy theorists believe she is the one who first exposed the priory secret in ren lucia tau according to legend. She passed it along to a town crease named antoine. Bu on her deathbed in some say bu is the one who wrote the parchment. That zone year. Later found in the church of mary. Magdalene but when writer henry lincoln and other theorists make this connection. They're basing it on a critical misunderstanding. The truth is marie blanche for is husband's family wasn't connected to the templars at all. They had him confused with another blush for who actually was the six grand master of the knights templar so murray couldn't have exposed a secret she didn't have any knowledge of that's fair by. Let's take a closer look. At the evidence that plantar allegedly found in the national library it included sewn years found parchments family tree of the merovingian dynasty and a list of all the grandmasters of the priory of ceylon. The grandmaster list included luminaries. Like mathematician sir. Isaac newton poet victor hugo and author. Jean cocteau but it listed pierre plantar as the grandmaster which is strange. Because if this were true you'd think plantar would have already known about these secrets long before he'd made this discovery. Well it got more suspicious when another document revealed pawn tar as the grandmaster. This one was the organization's registration papers with the french government. In one thousand nine. A one france passed a law requiring all associations to file official paperwork lo and behold the primary of psi on led by plantar submitted its forms in nineteen fifty six a decade before the gold of ran was published so if the priory of syon had existed for hundreds of years it seems strange that they waited all the way until the nineteen fifties to give the government their mailing address most secret society stay hidden because they don't leave a paper trail. The priory of syon wasn't really this ancient secret or at all. It started out as a political club. Run by pierre plantar himself then in the early nineteen sixties. He read about the mystery of ren lucia toe and decided to create an elaborate hoax. One that could position him as both. The rightful king of france and the leader of a powerful religious order plantar was a devout catholic and supporter of fascism who reportedly wanted a holy king to rule both the vatican and all of europe to back up this claim plantar recruited an actor and artist name. Felipe disarray dish. Cherie zeh then forged the genealogies documents letters and parchments that were eventually deposited in france's national library meanwhile plantar falsified the list of grandmasters and he fabricated the false genealogy listed himself as a descendant of the mero vinci and king's his plan was to make himself look important so he could shape the nation the way he saw fit and for a while. The plan worked. The duo even.

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