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You didn't know they won back to back to back AFC south to the NFC south division championships from twenty thirteen to twenty fifteen nobody wins A. F. C. south championships quite like the Houston Texans and bill o'brien who went back to back to back nine seven three years in a row hot rod Rivera sounds like bill o'brien's type of guy didn't work they like under five hundred one of those so his second year and then right when they get into the right now so they went twelve and four in twenty thirteen and they won the division the second year of that stretch he's going to die he did that funny yeah no rooms about the match they won seven eight one in twenty fourteen and then the following year was the fifteen in one season whether one of the what is your role play damp cold moon from that point on that one six in ten in twenty sixteen eleven and five and twenty seventeen and the last two years it's all gone down hill seven and nine and twenty eighteen at the start six into last year and came down hard on was not saying quarterback and Ron Rivera got fired at the week thirteen was five and seven this year you're not allowed to be that proud of the th back to back to back when one of them the seven eight one career record of seventy six sixty three and one run where is a good coach I think you'll get another opportunity to interview from multiple head coaching openings I think at this point I'd be surprised if he's not a head coach as early as twenty twenty next season he said he plans a coach for weeks take you'll take off in the specs of the coaching so yeah some time off and then right back to the in a coach if you can get hired somewhere and I think it will stand with coaching Bruce Arians very noncommittal about his quarterback Jameis Winston Arians declined to say earlier today whether Winston would be part of the organization's plans after the twenty nineteen season James Winston spying on its fifth year option right now so it's contract will expire in hell be an unrestricted free agent Arians was asked earlier today if ownership requested an evaluation this week would he say without a doubt that Winston is Tampa Bay starting quarterback going forward he said quote I'm gonna pass on that one I'm gonna wait until the end of December they get kind of tells you all you need to know about where things stand with Janus and that organization there's.

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